I Needed to Have Some Tattoos Removed

When I was in the military, I got a couple of tattoos when I was on leave. It was not a big deal then because there were so many others who also had tattoos. When I came back stateside though, it was because of an injury that caused me to have an honorable discharge. I needed to find a job that I was happy with, which is why I decided to look into a place that does tattoo removal in Palmdale. While my tats served me well overseas, I knew that they had no place in a hospital setting.

I wanted to take the skills I had learned as a medic and see where it would take me. I knew that there were probably a lot of aides and nurses that have tattoos, and it would not have surprised me to find out a lot of doctors have them as well. I just knew that I would feel better seeing the person working on me as a professional, and in my eyes, that meant no tattoos. I did an online search to see where I should go for my removal, which is how I found out about a dermatologist not too far from me who had a really nice section on the website about tat removals.

I really liked everything that I read, and I made an appointment. I also liked that the first consultation was free, which means they are confident about what they are doing. If they did not expect people to stick with them, they would bill everyone as much as they could. I was impressed with the website as well as the consultation, and I was even more impressed once they removed my tattoos. When I look at my arms now, I cannot even tell that there were tattoos there not that long ago!