April 11, 2021


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Introducing Your Child to Technology

It is an ongoing difficult decision for parents to make; how appropriate is a piece...

It is an ongoing difficult decision for parents to make; how appropriate is a piece of technology for my kid. It’s a continuing choice because as new gadgets and devices come out every day, parents need to be continually assessing whether the technology is appropriate for our children.

The speed at which technology is advancing can frighten parents and often lead to a blanket rule of ‘no technology until you’re xx years old.’

While this is a parent’s decision to make, there are many benefits to introducing children to technology.

The main advantage is to prepare your child for the world they are about to enter. If you think there is too much technology in the world now, imagine what it will be like in years when your child begins to speak.

Already, schools are signing contracts with technology companies to build and introduce tablet computers into the classroom for research and even assignment completion. Even more, products like children’s activity trackers from the Groupon Coupons page for Garmin are also being used to help kids stay on track of their health and fitness from a young age.

If a child’s first time entering a classroom is also their first time using a tablet or playing with a fitness device, it’s no surprise which will receive the majority of their attention.

This leads to another benefit of children and technology – education. At a very young age, a child’s biggest challenge is their fine motor skills. How to grab objects and how much pressure to apply.

Through holding, pressing the screen, interacting with coloring and painting apps, children can significantly increase the speed at which they master their fine motor skills. With devices featuring pressure sensitive screens, even babies can learn how to apply a range of pressures to receive a range of results.

The idea of children using technology is easily dismissable, and rightfully so. Given that you use your phone for things like social media and movies, it can be difficult to see how a child could benefit from such a device. However, if you can separate your own usage patterns from the device, you will easily see technology as the powerful tool that it can be for your children.