April 16, 2021


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Jump Rope Exercise

A jump rope exercise is the best aerobic training exercise. It is a simple exercise...

A jump rope exercise is the best aerobic training exercise. It is a simple exercise of jumping the rope and anyone can jump at a rope near his or her feet. This exercise needs no more equipment but a pair of jumping sneakers and a jumping rope. The best thing about this is that it is convenient for any age.

This cardio training exercise is also a greatness fitness tool. It is a very effective instrument to fight obesity, especially childhood obesity. Jumping a rope training is also a good warm up exercise. The techniques of jump rope training can be divided into two categories, namely simple techniques and advanced techniques. Anyone can master the simple techniques of this exercise, but mastering the advanced jump rope training requires elite athletic skill.

It is important to give more attention to the effectiveness of jump rope training programs to fight childhood obesity. Childhood obesity is a serious issue due to the predominance of television, junk food and video games. The situation is so grave that around 9 million children are overweight and 23 percent of this population gets no exercise. Childhood obesity can also lead to health complications like high cholesterol, skin problems, depression etc. The jump rope training can be an effective solution to this problem. If you can convince your child to do a simple ten minutes cardio training every day, then he will thank you later for the help you have given to him for fighting obesity.

This exercise is so good for heart that the it has been the exercise of choice for American heart foundation and Australian heart foundation for more than 25 years.