April 21, 2024


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Kennewick Grandma Lifting Her Way to a Healthy Lifestyle | Spot Sports

The stating is age is just a selection, and the only quantity Kennewick grandma Angie Corbin is apprehensive about is the a single on the bar.

“I experience far more satisfied and alive now than I ever did in my 20’s,” stated Angie.

Angie’s fitness journey commenced as a wake up get in touch with. Plagued by fibromyalgia – a disorder characterised by common musculoskeletal suffering — Angie located herself in continuous pain and decided to do anything about it.

“I have fibromyalgia, spinal troubles, and I had migraines,” reported Angie. “I started by just performing Sit and Be In good shape in my residing space.”

She started out eating proper and little by little but surely, upgraded her fitness plan to include things like body weight coaching. Since turning her everyday living close to, she states she hopes to inspire other folks.

“There is a good deal of folks that have fibromyalgia or disc issues,” spelled out Angie, “and they consider that they are performed, so it’s kind of pleasant to inform people today and assistance men and women.”

Angie failed to quit there. She challenged herself, and started out competing in physique and bodybuilding competitions.

“I was 32 when I did my to start with present,” explained Angie. “I got 1st position and then I was hooked.”

She states she has produced it her objective not to end right until she reaches professional standing.

“So what keeps me going?” states Angie. “Effectively 1, I am stubborn, and I have a intention and right until I arrive at my purpose, I possibly will not prevent.”

Because by challenging perform and possibly a very little little bit of stubbornness, Angie teaches us that you are only as aged as you act.

“I acquired my grand-babies!” said Angie. “I play tricky.”

And only as sturdy as you let oneself to be.

To achieve Professional IFBB position, Angie must place initial or next in a nationwide bodybuilding levels of competition. She has put 5th two times, so her quest carries on.