August 11, 2022


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Lack of Street Signs

When it comes to roadway planning and safety, there are certain expectations that citizens bring to their highways and side-streets. As any given road may be designed in a particular way to direct traffic accordingly, unusual configurations or abrupt changes are generally denoted by signs posted near the path. These signs are essential features of American roadways, giving drivers the ability to know what is about to happen and prepare for the conditions of the road ahead. Without forewarning, the chance for an accident increases, as drivers may either forget some of the more detailed rules and protocols of the road or may merely be caught unaware by a strange road configuration.

Certain types of intersections and roads demand the use of signs. For instance, if there is a direct intersection of two streets, one would expect to see, at the very least, a yield sign to indicate which road should be given the right of way. In the same scenario, it might be more common to see stop signs used, if not a four-way stop. Without these signs, it may become particularly difficult for drivers to remember or decide who should go and in what order.

In other situations, road signs are crucial to understanding the direction or condition of the road ahead. With engineers still experimenting with new layouts and configurations, first-time drivers may not know or understand how to use a specific interchange. Interchanges like the diverging diamond configuration, which eventually lead to a momentary lane reversal, where the right lane briefly drives on the left side of the road, can easily throw off motorists. This can lead to confusion and poor driving behaviors in an attempt to compensate for lack of knowledge.

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Burnouts With Cars

Among a certain portion of car enthusiasts, their vehicles are seen as extensions of their own personal skills and abilities. To these drivers, it simply is not enough to customize their vehicle and race it at local tracks, instead of wanting more out of their driving experience. As a result, certain drivers may attempt stunts and tricks with their vehicles, testing the mechanical limits of their cars. However, certain maneuvers, especially the burnout, may appear attractive in movies or on television shows but are really dangerous to both the car and the driver.

Burnout is considered one of the definitive car tricks in a driver’s repertoire. These stunts consist of a driver spinning up their wheels to the point of heating their tires intensely, causing smoke to be produced. For the majority of drivers, the goal of a burnout is to create immense noise and smoke clouds that are synonymous with this action. On the other hand, these tricks are widely used among drag racers, as heating their tires is a tactic used to improve their speeds.

While they can seem like a simple, if not harmless, way to look impressive among car enthusiasts, burnouts can be extremely harmful to a motor vehicle. Allowing the wheels to spin at high speeds while stationary can cause massive amounts of friction to wear down the quality of those wheels. When the rubber burns, it can either wear down a tire and reduce traction in that way, or it can actually damage a tire to a level that will lead to the physical disintegration of the parts.

Although drivers may believe that they know their vehicles well enough to complete a burnout without threatening or harming others or themselves, this is not always the case. If a burnout weakens a tire to the point of destroying the rubber, the actual effects may not become apparent until the driver is on the road. At this point, the damage to the tire can become a significant safety hazard for all those in the area. If you would like to find out more about how stunts and tricks can contribute to vehicle accidents, contact a car accident attorney.