July 22, 2024


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Listed here are three methods to aid the bees on #NationalHoneyBeeDay

Saturday, August 21, is #NationalHoneyBeeDay!

Whilst a lot of may well fear the tiny bugs, honey bees have a large amount to provide to the surroundings and are essential in maintaining healthy ecosystems.

Honey bees do have the capability to sting but they are not commonly intense. The insect will only sting to defend themselves when they really feel threatened.

When you do arrive in make contact with with a bee, yelling and swatting at the pollinator will only make it worse. Bees will perception the elevated heat from your entire body and see it as a menace creating them to sting, according to the Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife (CROW). Just keep calm and go absent.

We BEE-extended together – honey bees are nature’s very best pollinators.

Without the minimal critter, the progress of flowering crops would sharply decrease, causing dangerous impacts on human and animal lifetime, according to Environment Florida.

Setting Florida reported that beekeepers are dropping an common of 29% of honey bee colonies each individual winter season, in new a long time.

A few techniques to assist the honey bees

1. Plant more pollinator-pleasant & indigenous crops: These crops are the bee’s knees! They produce the nectar and pollen that bees count on, in accordance to CROW. Butterfly milkweed, gopher apple, coral honeysuckle, cabbage palm, and goldenrod are all fantastic Florida native, bee-welcoming vegetation. These can be planted in your property, at parks, or even roadside. For far more plant options Click on Here.

2. Safeguard safe parts for bees these as condition parks, wildlife refuges, and nationwide parks.

3. Reduce the use of bee-killing pesticides.