December 9, 2022


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Maddam Sir actor Rahil Azam on his fitness regime: A healthy way of living tends to make me experience material

Rahil Azam, who plays the part of DSP Anubhav Singh in Maddam Sir, talks about his fitness regime and how it is a way of daily life for him.

He shares, “To me, fitness is a way of existence and it offers me sheer happiness. I like the notion of currently being in good shape and getting a healthy life-style tends to make me sense written content. I feel health is wealth and no issue what action you do, be it working or training, it is sure to make you fitter and improved and will absolutely give you a sense of satisfaction. I firmly believe that the man or woman who feels healthy is normally supercharged and is extremely match.”

On retaining a healthy harmony concerning thoughts and overall body, he shares, “I preserve my brain healthy by doing my prayers, providing gratitude and for my human body, I do my routines religiously, thus sustaining a balance among the two. Fitness is my priority and I change my shoot schedule according to my work out. I really do not pass up my education since of a frantic plan. It is simply simply because I really do not want to drop ill, leading to damage to my health. I believe a great work out tends to make me want to function better and when I carry out a right work out, I am very energetic the whole day and in a ton of improved headspace.”

A brief healthy snack that he depends on in the course of his active days, Rahil states, “I consider snack is one thing that organically should not be healthy. It is some thing you munch on and you love gorging it. I feel foods ought to be healthy and ought to have all the constituents that will make your overall body fit. If not, hop onto any snack that will make you delighted and burn off it out through your work out.”

Given the existing state of affairs, Rahil talks about his fitness routine expressing, “I am a agency believer of in which there is a will, there is a way. I think there is usually place for a program workout. You never involve lots of factors for that, just a pair of dumbbells would suffice the goal.”