April 10, 2021


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After spending numerous sleepless nights and days, you have finally developed an app that is...

After spending numerous sleepless nights and days, you have finally developed an app that is robust and stands at par with the industry standards. You must have done tons of research and homework before creating the app. But let me break it to you: even if you have done beta testing on your app, the work is unfortunately not over yet. The next, and the most important step involves creating demand for the app. You want people to download your app and keep using it. As an app developer, you must create a mobile app marketing plan that stands out and that drives demand.


Why the need to include a mobile app marketing strategy?

There are millions of apps available on the app store, belonging to varied categories and types. In this plethora of top-notch options, you must do something extra and creative to be hyped about and bypass all the others. When your app marketing plan is well integrated with the overall objectives of your app, the implementation and the flow become easier and well-aligned.

Tips to make marketing with social media effective

Social media marks as a cost-effective way to make apps more successful and drive up the demand for the app. Let’s have a look at some of the tips on how you can incorporate social media to market your app.

  • Plan beforehand

The most important step when marketing your app via social media is to plan ahead of time. Research thoroughly about the site your customer uses the most.

  • Value-based content

If you keep on posting irrelevant content, it will annoy the customer. You must create unique, informative and compelling content to increase the visibility of your app.

  • Visually-striking videos

Videos mark as the favorite of today’s audiences. Include funny, quirky and lively videos that can grasp the attention of the audience. Share the video on all major social media platforms.

  • Humanize your content

Social media users resonate more with content that is in a more human-friendly language than technical language. It is also vital to ask the user’s feedback and reviews so that the changes can be made as per the user’s liking.

  • Rewards upon download

If you really want your app to reach skies, rewards users for downloading the app. You can reward users in a number of different ways such as reward on referring a friend, etc.

  • Encourage sharing of content

Encourage users to share the content so that the reach of your app is increased. The idea is to keep the content worthy enough to be shared.

Closing thoughts

In this world of social media, mobile app marketing has another effective medium through which the app can be marketed. An endless number of people use social media platforms these days. Reaching out to people using their preferred mediums will bring about better results than expected. As there are a number of social media channels, following the above-mentioned tips can help you promote your app efficiently.