May 17, 2022


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Medical Assistant’s Code Of Ethics And Professional Conduct

Every group whether private or professional follows a set of standards or code of ethics. However, the code of ethics in health care is different from the universal ethics. What makes it different is the inclusion of the moral rule which is to perform one’s duty above standards. With this moral rule, health care professionals like medical assistants are expected to adhere to the given code of ethics and appropriate professional conduct set by the governing bodies:

To Be Loyal To Their Employers

According to The American Association of Medical Assistants code of ethics, professionals are expected to uphold the honor and high principles of the medical profession by accepting and adhering to its governing disciplines.

Furthermore, medical assistants are expected to be honest and faithful to their employer. A professional can lose his or her license if proven stealing, black mailing, accepting bribes or performing other dirty deals while on duty.

To Provide Quality Standard Health Care Services

Medical assistants are expected to render quality health care services to their clients. They also have to show respect to their patients at all times. They should be concern with the patients’ privacy whenever and wherever.

Medical assistants should always be polite and pleasant, responsive and kind towards patients. They are not allowed to make any disrespectful comments or expressions that will degrade their clients.

Be Prepared To Go The Extra Mile

They are expected to participate in additional community services, aiming to improve the health and well-being of the people in the area. They are expected to participate in voluntary works or community health awareness projects of the government.

To Keep All Information Confidential

They are expected to keep all interventions and communications with the patient confidential, unless legally required. They are also expected to keep all pieces of information confidential except to those people who are part of the medical team assigned to the patient. The American Association of Medical Assistants is very strict when it comes to this area. Any information that was accidentally given even to the relatives and members of the medical assistant’s family will cause one’s license to be revoked.

To Join Training And Career Improvement Activities

They are expected to continually seek professional growth. One can attain this by attending seminars and training provided by the institution. Furthermore, they must be open for additional knowledge and accept co-worker’s tips, techniques and advises. Just be certain that the new information is factual and with scientific basis. On the other hand, they must also learn how to share to their other colleagues their learned knowledge and skills.

Indeed, ethics is very essential to any groups and organizations whether social or professional. The code of ethics is created to preserve the dignity and ideals of the group and organization. Every member must be acquainted and briefed of the things expected of them by the organization. Also, ethics when strictly implemented can improve the foundation of the organization.

Not only medical assistants but the entire health care professionals are expected to comply and uphold these ethical rules and bylaws. Medical ethics support justice, equality of human beings and respect for the dignity of the patients. Medical assistants and the entire health care professionals are distinguished with other professions because they are committed to preserve the health of the community. This is one of the many things that health care professionals must be proud of.