August 13, 2022


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Medical School Essay Sample

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Since childhood, I have had a sincere interest in becoming a medical professional. As a young child, I had an injury that required stitches, and I remember how scary the procedure room was but the nurse in the room held my hand and remained very calm. The helped me to remain calm and inspired my passion for medicine. After that day, I played doctor with my dolls and sought opportunities to read about medicine at every opportunity.

    As an older child, I looked for opportunities to serve others, and to make contact with the medical field. I volunteers at local blood drives, I shadowed the schools nurse, and I took an internship working in my uncle’s ophthalmology office. These experiences not only gave me practical expertise with record keeping, bedside manner, and communicating with patients, but also awakened in me a very clear goal of ascertaining my future as a nurse.

    As an adult, however, I have come to realize that nursing relies on research to promote best practices and new innovations in patient care. I want to pursue a research doctorate in nursing because it will place me on the cutting edge of patient care, and help me to make a measurable impact on the successful recovery of a greater number of patients, while easing the burden placed on nurses.

    This is why I think the University of Pennsylvania Hillman Scholars Program in Nursing Innovation would be the ideal course of study to help me pursue my long-term goals. This would help ensure that I not only have the clinical dental implants Austin skills necessary to be a good nurse, but also have the research skills necessary to help innovate the field of nursing and improve patient care.

    While doctors are the primary medical official on each patient’s case, the nurse is the primary caregiver, and is acutely aware of the patient’s unique needs. As such, the nurse is also more likely to come up with innovations to solve the most routine, and perhaps also the most unusual patient care issues. I want to ensure that I am prepared to help make the breakthrough that change the face of medicine.

    I look forward to applying the skills gained through this degree program, with an emphasis in research to become an innovator in the healthcare field, and in the practices where I am employed.  I know I can use it to pursue my professional goals, as well as to help patients in a tangible way. My specific goal, long term, is to work in either a hospital or research setting where the skills I have learned can be best implemented.

    In conclusion, I would like to say that the University of Pennsylvania Hillman Scholars Program in Nursing Innovation stands apart from other similar educational opportunities because of the way that it uniquely focuses on research, and developing the nurse scientist. I have no doubt that this program will uniquely position me for success in the next stage of my life as a medical professional. I look forward to the opportunity to learn from the high-quality staff, within the nursing department, and the way that they can shape me as a caregiver, and medical professional. This program can help me to realize my dreams of becoming a medical professional, and becoming a caring, efficient, and innovative nurse and scientist. I believe that my passion, drive, and sense of priorities would make me an asset to the program, and I have no doubt that the program would be a stepping stone to a very promising future.