July 23, 2024


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Misconception about Full Mouth Restoration

3 Common Myths About Full Mouth Reconstruction | Boulder, CO

In order to attain the desired results, whole mouth reconstruction relies on additional dental operations in addition to aesthetic dentistry. It will emphasise the repair of the bite, mouth, and teeth. This significantly enhances the shape of your face and jaw, giving you a more youthful and appealing appearance. It is typically required when a person has more than two missing teeth, worn-down or broken teeth, severe dental rot, or a necessity for jaw realignment.

Any dental issues that are visible in your mouth should need a thorough treatment plan that enhances the functionality of your dental structure and offers you the complete smile makeover you’ve always desired.


The following are examples of reconstructive operations that may be performed on you after you visit the full mouth reconstruction clinic Kolkata.

Oral Surgery. This covers tooth extractions, soft tissue grafts, and the removal of impacted teeth. It is employed to fix dents and address other medical issues, enhancing oral aesthetics.

Implants. They are employed to fill up tooth gaps. The prosthetic tooth has a stable basis because of the metal roots that are connected to the bone, making it permanent and natural.

Root Canal. Plaque is taken off, and your teeth’s rotting roots and other troublesome areas are cleaned during this operation. Thus, this technique can salvage teeth that have sustained significant damage.

Dental Crowns. They are used to fix various dental issues. Crowns restore missing teeth and stop additional damage from occurring to broken or chipped teeth. Additionally, they are utilised in tooth whitening and contouring.

Fillings. Teeth that have been harmed by cavities are restored with dental fillings. They safeguard the teeth from damaging oral germs and restore the chewing function of the teeth.

Orthodontics. Your dental structure may alter due to misaligned or protruding teeth, which may impact your smile. When this occurs, braces may be used to move your teeth and realign them so that they are at the proper levels and angles. Due to their effectiveness, braces are becoming more and more popular among adults.

Now that you know what about the dental surgeries involved in full mouth reconstruction, let’s address the myths surrounding this procedure.

My Teeth Should Be In Poor Condition To Get a Complete Smile Makeover

The goal of getting a smile makeover in the smile dental clinic south Kolkata is to give you the smile you desire. To achieve a smile makeover, you don’t always require more sophisticated repairs like dental implants. In actuality, many smile makeovers incorporate aesthetic practices like tooth whitening, gum tissue recontouring, and orthodontics. The following are a few typical practices:

Orthodontics, such as Invisalign, can rearrange teeth for people who have crooked or gappy teeth, restoring function and attractiveness to your smile. You are able to avoid painful metal braces with these nearly invisible aligners.

Your gum line can be reshaped using gum tissue recontouring to give it a more appealing appearance. This technique can fix a “gummy” grin for you. If you desire a whiter smile but are satisfied with the size and form of your teeth, Opalescence whitening kits deliver stunning results.

Smile Transformations Are Purely Cosmetic

A full mouth restoration is a suitable option for patients who require substantial restorative treatment because of lost teeth, injury, or illness. Many people are candidates for a smile makeover. Before doing aesthetic treatments, a full mouth restoration needs more intensive care to return the mouth to health and function. A specialist will first treat any concerns with periodontal disease, lost teeth, or other injuries in order to rebuild the foundation of your smile. Once your health has returned, the next stage of sculpting and designing your stunning smile will start.

A dentist will evaluate the state of your smile at your consultation. She will choose the best course of action and work with dental professionals to give a comprehensive treatment plan.

It Will Take Too Much Time

While certain restorative operations might take months, the outcomes of many others can be seen in only a few weeks. For people who desire a brighter smile and are already satisfied with the size and form of their teeth, teeth whitening with our professional-grade Opalescence whitening kit produces stunning results in only a few days. A porcelain veneer is a thin covering applied to teeth to improve their look. This process takes only a few weeks to complete and dramatically alters the way your smile looks while yet seeming natural.

Although it may take many months when numerous treatments are needed to obtain your perfect smile, the good news is that you will notice improvement along the way. The specialist will answer all queries about the duration or any other questions regarding this procedure at the consultation time.

Maintenance is Tough

Following reconstruction, you’ll have aesthetic teeth that will function just like your natural teeth. Because your practitioner will provide you with the appropriate guidelines, you shouldn’t worry about how you should take care of them. Continue brushing and flossing as usual, and ensure that you go to the dentist for regular checkups at least twice a month.

Despite the fact that the majority of the materials used in these treatments are made to withstand the pressure applied while chewing, they occasionally break. Wearing a mouthguard when engaging in activities that are prone to accidents can, however, prevent this. Avoid biting your nails, breaking nuts, and consuming tough meals.

The Recovery Process Is Usually Painful

The need for a full mouth reconstruction may be postponed or avoided by patients. They could act in this way because of concern about how painful the surgery would be. At the surgery sites, there may be some discomfort and irritability. However, the dentist will make every effort to keep the patient as at ease as possible.

The patient can have some discomfort after the operation. The patient shouldn’t experience any pain while doing it. Local anaesthesia or maybe general anaesthesia will be used by the dentist of the full mouth reconstruction clinic. The patient might start taking painkillers right away after the procedure.

My Entire Dental Care Will Be Out Of My Price Range

A full mouth restoration is a financial investment in your physical and dental wellness. Years of contented grins, delectable meals, and an overall improved state of well-being are reflected in the initial investment. In many instances, spending money on dental work today might end up saving you thousands afterwards. It’s also crucial to be aware that the majority of the country’s leading dental insurance companies do cover essential restorations.

Too Many Implants Would Be Needed To Replace All Of My Teeth

One tooth is replaced by one implant post in conventional dental implants. Although you may not require implant posts for every lost tooth if you have substantial or full tooth loss. The treatment for severe tooth loss will be implant-supported dentures. By doing this, you’ll require fewer implant posts to hold the denture in place. With just four to eight implants, a competent dentist may replace a complete arch of teeth.

Feel Optimistic About the Approaching Reconstructive Procedure

Numerous oral health issues can have an impact on how you feel and appear. Visit a dental clinic if you are experiencing discomfort or aesthetic issues with your teeth, gums, or jaw. For you, a full mouth reconstruction could be justified. So that you’re prepared, keep in mind these truths and lies.