April 10, 2021


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Muscle and Fitness – Best Weight Training Method is Using Free Weights

Many beginning bodybuilders do not realize that when it comes to muscle and fitness the...

Many beginning bodybuilders do not realize that when it comes to muscle and fitness the best method to employ is in using free weights. Dumbbells and barbells have always been the best method in acquiring muscle. The reason this is so is because free weights not only work your primary muscle groups they also allow you to work your secondary muscle groups.

By using free weights, you are forcing your body to exert a great deal more effort: This in turn is beneficial for a good many of your muscle groups as somewhat alluded to in the above paragraph. It is best (in order to attain muscle mass) that you work out two to four times on a weekly basis. If you exercise more than four times per week, muscles have a tendency to decrease. This is because the extra energy required for such vigorous workouts is derived from the muscle you've already worked hard to build. In this regard, it is much better to work out less often and at high levels of intensity allowing for sufficient recovery periods in-between. If you work out too much it will prove to be counterproductive for you.

When you perform your workout, it is best to go for a low number of sets: Preferably two to three sets maximum Use the largest weights you can manage; and perform six to possibly eight repetitions. Additionally at such high intensity levels, part of the key to acquiring the best in muscle and fitness is to attain a good nights sleep. It is during periods of sleep that muscle grows.

Also do as many weight trainers do and change up your muscle and fitness routine every three or four weeks. This will allow your muscles to continue to respond to workouts and allows you to avoid hitting a plateau in muscular development.

Additionally, mass muscle building will require you attain the proper nutrition and supplementation. The key to corresponding nutrition with muscle construction is to consume more calories than what you burn. Consume one and one-half grams of protein for each pound of body weight. Protein in the system is integral to muscle reconstruction and muscle building. Without protein in the diet as well as in the form of supplementation increases in muscle size can not be achieved. Further, you will need to eat complex carbohydrates as well as a small amounts of organic fat in order to achieve ultimate bodybuilding success.