February 27, 2021


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My spouse is just not ageing well and she will get defensive

Expensive ABBY: I met my spouse when we were being extremely young and into partying. We’re now middle-aged and heading in unique directions.

Jeanne Phillips 

I target on physical and mental well-being. I perform out day-to-day, consume healthy and preserve a beneficial attitude. She spends her cost-free time lying all-around, consuming, smoking cigarettes and continuously exposing herself to negativity through the internet. She’s now on medication for despair and anxiety.

My attempts at dialogue are primarily achieved with anger and defensiveness or are dismissed as “a undesirable time to converse.”

I sense we have arrived at a crossroads in our health. I want her to be as match and healthy as possible so we can get pleasure from our golden several years collectively. How do I get her to be a part of me in a healthier way of living prior to it is as well late?