April 14, 2021


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Navigating the Road to Recovery

For those tangled in the web of addiction or substance abuse, finding a way to...

For those tangled in the web of addiction or substance abuse, finding a way to return to sober living can seem like a daunting task. Following some basic guidelines may make the journey back to sobriety much easier to handle.

Peaceful Living Space

One of the keys to avoiding destructive habits is to place yourself in an environment where old temptations are non-existent. Seek out sober living housing to create separation from detrimental situations. These environments are geared towards clean living and tending to the responsibilities of everyday life. Residents often have to pay their rent and adhere to house rules to remain at the facility. It is important to note that these types of homes are not detox facilities. Counselors and specialists highly recommend that prospective residents complete a detoxification program prior to making the transition to sober living. This ensures that recovering addicts will not become sick from withdrawals.

Assemble a Team to Help

The process of returning to clean living is much easier when there are other people involved. Creating a support system for guidance is crucial for those starting their new life. Group meetings provide the opportunity to share experiences and learn from others who are grappling with substance issues. For a more intensive therapy experience, some people find that talking to a therapist is more conducive to reaching their goals.

Healthy Diet and Exercise

A body ravaged by substance abuse needs to be addressed assertively. Meal planning is an excellent way to provide the system with the nutrients needed. Make it a point to include foods that are rich in fiber, omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants into a daily routine. Gut health is key during the early stages of recovery due to the destruction of bacteria from abuse. A daily regimen of exercise is also recommended. Regular movement keeps organ systems functioning properly. Short walks outside or the use of gym equipment is all it takes to begin to feel better.