May 17, 2022


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Nuclear Medicine Technologist Job Description

A nuclear medicine technologist assists in the diagnosis and treatment of specific diseases that have a diagnostic process associated with instrumentation and use of nuclear technology and machinery that employ its principle. They are responsible for administering radiopharmaceutical intervention in the form of radioactive drugs to patients, and perform the monitoring and clinical mapping of the concentration of drugs in the patient’s body. Technologists work in supervision of a licensed medical doctor. A technologist job description will outline the skills and educational requirements necessary to qualify for the position.

Nuclear MedTechs are responsible for performing several clinical duties. One of their primary tasks is to provide answers to patients who may be undergoing radiopharmaceutical therapy, by explaining the diagnostic procedures, the mechanism of action for drugs and its contraindications. A technologist has to be properly trained in the preparation of radiopharmaceutical drugs, with the approved clinical standards for safety and nuclear matter management.

Necessary knowledge in the operation and manipulation of Nuclear Medicine apparatus and instruments such as a gamma scintillation camera, scanner and computers are necessary for this field. Nuclear Medicine Technologists keep records of all film scans, toxicity reports, and clinical progress information pertinent to a patient receiving radiopharmaceutical therapy and provide diagnostic support for physicians for a patient’s diagnosis or prognosis.

A two year certification program, provided by several hospitals and technical colleges and a two year associate degree from a community college is required to as a minimum educational qualification to work as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist. Persons who have a relative degree in medical science or computing such as Computer Science, Nursing, Occupational or Physical Therapy, Medical Technology are required to complete a one year certification, specializing in nuclear medicine to qualify. A licensure exam is necessary for specific states, and is ideal if you wish to apply in more than one region.