August 11, 2022


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Organic Food – Can It Help Relieve Obesity?

What is not so commonly known is that organic food can actually help relieve obesity as part of your weight loss regime. Eating organic food also means you will be giving your body a greater quantity of essential nutrients, especially if you steam your vegetables.

Conventional food contains many chemicals and your body has to deal with these and dispose of them in order to avoid poisoning your system. Most of this work is undertaken by your liver, a very key organ that can make or break your weight loss attempts.

The liver is the powerhouse of your body and is also the largest burner of fat too. However to be at its most efficient your need to make sure you feed it properly. By this I mean that you need to make sure you are eating enough fibre and limit the intake of toxic chemicals both in the form of food and alcohol.

As you probably know fibre helps your digestive system in that it consists of indigestible matter that passes out of your body. This essential function carries with it many of the toxins and waste products from your body that you need to get rid of daily.

Fibre helps ensure a speedy exit of these waste products – think of it as cleaning out your pipework!

Fibre also helps to ensure that your liver efficiently rids itself of toxins and gives it less opportunity to store them as fatty deposits.

If you load your body with too much fat, additives and poisonous chemicals then what usually happens is that the parts your body cannot dispose of are stored as fat until and when, your body can get round to dealing with them and clearing them out.

This can lead to fat deposits all around your body but most worryingly can lead to a condition called fatty liver.

A tired, toxic liver is the number one reason why many people’s weight-loss attempts are floored.

You have to make sure your essential organs are operating at peak efficiency to make the most gain in your weight loss attempts and this means eating good quality food, preferably raw and free of added chemicals, which makes organic food a good choice.

Remember that conventional manufacturers deliberately add synthetic chemicals to processed foods to increase their shelf life and pesticides and hormones to farm produce to boost their crop volumes.

You don’t want to be eating too much of that type of produce as the chemicals they contain will definitely affect your liver and digestive system performance, probably making you actually put on weight in the form of the stored fatty deposits I mentioned earlier.

Organic food can help in that you reduce the number of toxic chemicals entering your body which in turn reduces the stress on your digestive system and its fat production.

This should help make for a leaner thinner you.