May 17, 2022


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Organic Foods – What’s All The Hype For?

When you think “organic foods,” what comes to mind? The majority of us think of foods that are farmed more carefully, in accordance with nature, and typically have less potentially harmful pesticide residues. We also think of the slightly increased price on organic foods. But what else do we really know about organic farming and the produce they bring to our supermarkets? What are other benefits of eating organic? Not surprisingly, there are lots. Read on to find out.

Organic farms help to preserve our environment. With “going green” being the latest environmental trend, it has never been a better time to hop on the bandwagon. Organic farms make sure to conserve water, help build soil, respect the natural balance of the ecosystem, farm so that the produce does not contribute to global warming, and help further nutritional research (pesticide use, environmental issues, etc), largely on their own dime. For those who want an all-natural, environmentally friendly produce purchase, organic is your best bet.

Organic foods are often tastier and better for you. Because these foods are grown organically, as opposed to artificial fertilization, the soil they are grown in is often full of more nutrients. The difference between an organic fruit or vegetable versus a non-organic fruit or vegetable could be your recommended daily nutritional intake. This could be especially interesting if you have children, whose bodies need lots of nutrients to grow and stay healthy.

Organic foods can help prevent cancer and other sicknesses. Sounds radical, but the fact is, since organic foods are not doused in pesticides and herbicides that suppress the production of cancer-fighting antioxidants, they can obviously produce more of them. The Organic Consumers Association has found that the elimination of pesticides helps “explain why the level of antioxidants is so much higher in organically grown food[s].”

More good news is that we now have organic alternatives to pretty much everything we consume, including cotton, lawn products, and even dog food! So the next time you’re in the grocery store, really check out the organic section. You’ll find that the health and environmental benefits far outweigh the couple extra quarters you’ll spend on them.

To wrap up, let me say that if you really want to make a significant change in your health, eating organic can make a huge impact in all areas of your health. If you do make the switch to organic foods, I am positive that you will be shocked with in a couple of weeks in regards to how much better you feel and that’s just the beginning!

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