May 16, 2022


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Why the Bair Hugger Is Effective Bair huggers are technologies that are used to keep the patient artificially warm when undergoing the procedures. The bair Hugger was pit into the first application in 1987 by doctors when they realized that patients cannot maintain producing heat to match the heat loss during the operation. A solution had to be sought since the patients suffer from after effects from those effects. The bair hugger received lot of support worldwide with clinicians applying it on their patients. The device makes it possible to maintain the heat of the patient at the healthy conditions. It has proven to be safe and hygienic way of ensuring healthy temperature during the surgical operations. It is what every clinician should have before commencing on the surgical procedure to give the patient the best service. A lot of researches have been conducted to investigate the effect of this technology on the patients. The studies have proved that this method of forced warming is safe. One argument has it that the device limits flow of clean air during the surgical operation. A study done to test whether the claims were true involved two surgical rooms. In one of the rooms, a bair hugger was utilized while a bair hugger was absent in the control set up room. The outcome showed the flow of clean air in both rooms remained constant. It became obvious that the use of bair hugger does not affect the flow of clean air. Maximum care needs to be accorded to the surgical point where the surgery is conducted on. A must have feature for any technology if forced warming is the guarantee of surgical safety. There has been numerous medical studies done to investigate the claim that the bair hugger increases the risk of infection in such areas. The claim has it that the hugger collects air currents from the floor up to the patient’s point of surgery. The current is said to contain bacteria that causes increased infections. These infections may result in prolonged hospital stays and multiple surgeries. It can be that bad when the implants made fail connect with the body tissues.
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It has been confirmed that the bair hugger do not collect air particles from the floor and can therefore not spread the bacteria that cause infections. Infection that may affect an individual during such an operation might be caused by other factors and not the bair hugger.
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The bair hugger is very handy in ensuring the safety of the patients during the operation. The bair Hugger ensures a quick recovery by minimizing the possibilities of infection The method is very effective, and you can use it for various types of surgeries such as orthopedic surgery.