August 10, 2022


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Red flags in choosing CBD oil

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With increased awareness and growing popularity of the CBD oil, dispensing shops seem to be emerging in every other place. Market opportunists are on the rise to try and milk as much as they can from unsuspecting masses that are eager to try this rather promising health “wonder”. With so many Cannabidiol products in the market, it is challenging to figure out the genuine one from the fake. The fact is that all CBD oil products aren’t the same. Some are outright shady and the reason for this is the lack of sufficient regulation on the product by the FDA and other government institutions. There are no standards in place and therefore anyone can come up with a concoction and with good marketing, the product penetrates the market. 

Before you lose your hard-earned money, check out for the following red flags before buying any CBD oil product

If there is missing information 

Transparency is key when it comes to CBD oil products. If a brand seems to lack words on the product it has made then, you’d better run for your life. Are you able to get someone you can ask questions or no expert is available? The person selling to you must be committed to research and more education. Their responses should not just be pure ‘marketing’ but convincing with proof. Again, the person will tell you everything about the CBD product both negatives and positives. If you notice that there is information that is being concealed, keep off.

When the manufacturer and their location isn’t clear

Who would want to consume a product with which they don’t know the manufacturer? Even when buying water, there is a company whose products you prefer. The manufacturer of the CBD oil product should be known and with a good reputation. Their location should be on the label and their manufacturing clear and GMP certified. This means that the manufacturer is committed to meeting the internationally accepted standards in processing their products.

If the Hemp is not US-grown

The Hemp plant where Cbd products are extracted is a bio-accumulator which means it picks a lot from the environment. For instance, research shows that Hemp grown in China has traces of heavy metals and thus unhealthy for human consumption. Thus, before you buy the product, you must confirm its origin and that it’s safe.

Not every CBD oil product you see advertised is safe for human consumption. You have to carefully pay attention to the details and ensure you only buy from a company that has a reputation in dealing with genuine products.