May 22, 2022


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Reduce Stress – You Just Need the Right Program For Your Mind

Do not worry you do not need to be a professional programmer in order to reduce stress. There is no need to write code or build software and afterwards plug it in your head. Actually you are already proficient in playing this game and you will be surprised how many tricks you are aware of.

The only thing you have to do is to understand that your mind is a powerful director who is in charge of everything that happens to you.

Let me share with you something that happened to me last week which reconfirmed this general truth known since time immemorial.

Last week I had to fly. I went to the airport as usual, checked in, passed through passport control with no problems at all and when I was at the gate I looked at my boarding pass to see the number of the sit where I was supposed to be during the flight.

I fly quite often and usually can visualize the place just based on the number on the boarding pass. It was 12D and was an aisle sit but I do not why I visualized a window sit. This is how I created one of those programs I am referring to in this article. This way I programmed my mind to go to the plane and sit on a window sit.

Irrelevant that I looked at the boarding pass at least twice more and that the flight attendant specifically told me that I had an aisle sit I went to row 12 and sat on a window sit.

Amazing, huh?

If you think about it you will find out that we follow such simple predefined models on a daily basis. Walking, driving or brushing your teeth all those are activities you do not usually think about because you have already predefined the way you do them. You have already built the habit of doing them.

It follows that if you build your habits in a positive way you will feel better just because every single day while doing those casual activities your mind will unconsciously be looking for the models which make you feel happy. To reduce stress in your life the only thing you need to do is to program your mind the right way.

Believe me it is possible. Even in the situations when you do not clearly see to way to what you wish, your mind can sort out the situation and direct you. Your mind is a powerful director! Pay attention to what orders you give to him!