June 30, 2022


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Scorpio 2022 horoscope

Pluto, your planet, will continue his journey through Sagittarius in 2005, bringing laws, education, and politics to the forefront of everyone’s consciousness, including yours. This year, you’ll be even more likely to participate than usual, my todays horoscope but don’t get carried away. Remember that people have the right to their viewpoint, even if it’s incorrect!

During January, when multiple planets in Capricorn combine forces with the new Moon to make it nearly impossible for you to keep quiet, your desire to lecture — and to go on at length, truth be told — will be decisive.

The first half of the season will appear to fly by, but late February and early March will be memorable. Could you slow down and savor every moment of it?

Spring will see a significant increase in the pace of life, particularly in terms of relationships. The lunar eclipse of April 24th will shine a light on this area of your life, allowing you to either strengthen your current relationship or meet someone new who will be in your life for a long time. If you’ve recently ended a relationship, take it slowly.

During the summer, your attention will be drawn to an emotional issue you thought had been addressed long ago. Don’t get irritated if this problem arises again. Use the energy of the July 21st Full Moon to talk it out and resolve it once and for all. If you’re willing to let go and let the universe drive, you can strike a happy compromise. The Full Moon on September 18th will provide you the opportunity to meet a whole new group of people. Don’t be shy about getting involved. Make an effort to broaden your horizons.

Your subconscious desires will be affected by the solar eclipse on October 3rd and the lunar eclipse on October 17th. You’ve always been a pro at it, but now — well, now, you’ll want something more than a simple physical connection. On all levels, you’ll be looking for actual intimacy, and you won’t stop until you find it. This is especially true when it comes to encounters with family members around the holidays.

Scorpio’s Career in 2005

Capricorn gets up in your business and develops more new tasks than you know what to do with, so January is a very chaotic month for you. Fortunately, keeping your managers happy is as simple as smiling, and you’ll be able to keep the good vibes going for the remainder of the winter. In February, everything will calm down, and by the end of March, you’ll be in a solid rhythm.

As spring begins to bloom, you’ll want to shake things up. You could wish to transfer workgroups or office mates — or go completely insane and start looking for a new job. Whatever occurs, the human connections will be the most important to you. As Pluto, your ruling planet moves through Sagittarius; you may feel compelled to pursue higher study.

This summer, expect a flash from the past. Around the time of the Full Moon on July 21st, you may experience a strong sense of nostalgia, and you may begin to reflect on the road you did not pursue.

Take your time to consider it all, and you’ll come up with a terrific approach to combine your youth’s enthusiasm with today’s actual needs. Late in September, collaborations become all the rage, and you can find yourself on a new team.

On October 17th, a modest lunar eclipse will fly under practically everyone’s notice, but you’ll catch up on the deep vibrations and feel re-energized. You’ll have a new outlook on your employees and find creative ways to get extra work from anyone. Throughout the fall and beyond, your managerial style will be admired. The Christmas season will provide you with an opportunity to rebalance your work and personal lives.

Scorpio Romantic, 2005

The New Year has you in a philosophical mood, studying and analyzing everything you may have previously accepted or taken for granted. Naturally, you’re looking into the world of romance as well — and in January, you’re coming to some startling conclusions. Over your head, there are almost cartoon light bulbs turning on, lighting your love life in the most intriguing ways. Share your insights (especially on the February 18th weekend) and watch how the power of your mind heats things (particularly at the end of March).

Call it the force of spring, but April brings a bit less talk and a lot more action. Don’t miss out on an exceptionally spectacular opportunity to do so on April 24th and May 23rd. If you’re married, now is the time to remodel and reinvigorate your relationship — and if you’re single, the world best keep an eye on you.

Early summer brings new ideas, as well as some inspiring new people, into your particular romantic sphere. At the same time, an old issue in your romantic life may resurface, much to your dismay. Remember to learn from the experiences of others around you and to keep moving forward. On the weekend of July 15th, your innate enthusiasm resurfaces. Then, your intuition will lead you to exactly where you want to be at the beginning of August.

For you, the summer heat lingers well into October. You’re profoundly immersed in researching some of the many mysteries of love in mid-September, while your desires are genuinely revved up in October (and that’s saying something for you). You will not, and should not, take anything on the halfway mark. November 1st appears to be a busy day; take advantage of it. While Mercury retrogrades through your sign from November 13th to December 3rd, keep an eye on your communication, especially in romance; some hiccups are unavoidable, but you may avoid full-blown breakdowns. On the weekend of December 16th, you can get whatever you want.