Should You Buy a Bong?

Bongs have been around since time immemorial. Closely related to the Middle Eastern Hookah, bongs are mostly used today, especially in the United States, as a means to smoking cannabis. They have a variety of major benefits over other means of smoking the herb, giving an unusually smooth, copious and flavorful hit of smoke.

Bongs make smoking more enjoyable

With many states having passed laws making cannabis use completely legal and many more having a reputation for extremely lax enforcement, amounting to de facto legalization, more people than ever are coming to discover the many benefits of using a bong as their chief means of smoking cannabis. Those who have experienced the often harsh smoking experience associated with joints or bowl hits are often stunned by the world of difference that water filtration makes. Even those with the healthiest lungs often find themselves coughing profusely after taking hits off of unfiltered joints. Yet with bongs, the smoking experience is much more akin to inhaling an e-cigarette, vapor or steam.

This is due to the fact that almost all bongs are constructed in a way so that the smoke is forced to pass through a chamber containing water before being allowed to pass towards the user’s mouth. This gives bongs their nickname of bubblers. The smoke forced through the water by the vacuum created by the user inhaling causes bubbling. Those bubbles contain the smoke that has now been filtered through the water.

The natural filtration that the water provides removes almost all large particulates and reduces harmful carcinogens, tars and other chemicals that make the smoke harsh and can promote coughing, hoarseness and even lung dysfunction. Upon first taking a hit off of a water bong, the difference can be stunning. Even those who like to take the largest possible hits, inhaling to their lungs’ full capacity and holding the smoke in to better circulate the THC, rarely are induced to coughing when using a good water bong.

But bongs also have their downside. The water is great at filtering out harmful chemicals and particles. But it also filters out some of the THC, the psychoactive element in cannabis smoke. This means that, on average, people using a bong will have to inhale more smoke than those inhaling from a joint or bowl. However, this is more than countered by the fact that bong use has been proven to significantly reduce negative health effects, including cancer, of smoking cannabis.

Gas Mask Bong

This bong by Smokea is of the best bongs on the market. It immerses the user in the smoking environment, effectively capturing all of the smoke coming from the bong, so that none is allowed back into the atmosphere. Any cannabis smoker who has not tried this incredible bong really should. The much more intense level of high that you’ll get is instantly noticeable, with smoke recirculating until the user removes the mask. This is the ultimate party bong and is sure to be a big hit with your 420 friends.