August 11, 2022


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Skincare Nightmare: Why Your Products Don’t Seem to Work

Why your skincare and makeup is pilling (and how to stop it)

After months, even years of trial and error, you’ve finally found the perfect skincare routine. Your skin has never felt softer and more glowy! However, you noticed some changes recently. Your skin has become more sensitive, and your dry patches have gone flaky.

So, now you’re starting to wonder, “Why aren’t my products working for me anymore?” “Why am I no longer seeing results from my skincare regimen that used to do wonders for my skin?” The simple answer is, you might be making some common skincare mistakes, and you’re not even aware of them!

There’s no perfect skincare routine. After all, everyone has different needs, and while other women around you may seem like they’ve got everything figured out, there’s no need to feel all left out. So, don’t fret. You can always talk to a dermatologist here in Sandy.

There are certain ways you can fix your mistakes, get back on track, and finally get the results you’ve always wanted. Read on to learn more.

Your skincare products aren’t getting adequately absorbed by your skin

Not everything that you apply on your skin penetrates it deep enough. No matter how effective or expensive the products you use are, they won’t be able to work their magic on your skin if they’re just sitting on the top layer.

All the makeup residue, grime, dead cells and other types of impurities that the skin accumulates during the day that create a certain barrier when not removed properly. This, in turn, prevents all the active ingredients in your skincare products from getting deep into your skin.

The trick is to get rid of this wall through properly cleansing and exfoliating. No matter how tired you may be, never sleep with makeup on. But don’t just remove your makeup with a facial cleanser and deep cleansing oil. Make sure you remove those dead skin before applying makeup the next day.

Exfoliate at least once or three times a week depending on your skin’s needs. Remember, as we get older, our skin cells no longer rejuvenate as fast as they used to, so it’s important to exfoliate properly to make way for newer, healthier skin.

You’re combining incompatible skincare ingredients together

You may think piling on as many products as possible will do wonders on your skin. But, the more, the merrier isn’t always true, unless you’ve figured out which ingredients actually work well together. For example, using AHAs/BHA with retinoids can actually inactivate the latter.

Also, retinoids shouldn’t be mixed with benzoyl peroxide. As both of these ingredients have very strong effects on the skin, these can cause irritation. But, if your skin needs all these ingredients, try not to combine them altogether.

Apply products on alternate days or you can even use some in the morning and the others in the evening. 

If you have very sensitive skin, this approach may still be a bit too harsh. Consult a dermatologist in Sandy if you see any signs of irritation and redness after continuous application.

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