April 16, 2021


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Suggestions to Maintain Healthy Joints

Just as it is important to keep bones in the body healthy and strong as...

Just as it is important to keep bones in the body healthy and strong as an individual grows older, it is also critical to maintaining healthy joints to be able to move comfortably. “Joints” are defined as “a structure in the human or animal body at which two parts of the skeleton are fitted together.” Here are three suggestions that may help to keep joints healthy.

1. Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise may help to keep joints strong by continuously moving them. It may be a great idea for an individual to participate in an exercise routine that is fun, exciting, and easy on the joints. For example, it may be beneficial to consider becoming involved in an activity such as yoga or swimming. If an individual resides close to the ocean, learning how to surf the waves can help to keep the body active and help prevent joints from becoming stiff. Jogging may also be an example of an activity to consider; however, it’s vital to be aware of any pain that an exercise may cause. Therefore, partaking in exercises that are easy on joints may be the most rewarding while mitigating any high impact damage to the bones. (Exercise is can also help an individual to reach or sustain a healthy body weight!)

2. Diet and Supplements

An individual’s diet may also contribute to healthy joints. According to WebMD, eating “an anti-inflammatory diet will help your joints.” Foods that may be considered for this type of diet may include cherries, salmon, and oatmeal. Additionally, consuming vitamins and supplements may support joint health. Calcium and vitamin D are known to be beneficial for bones and joints, for instance. Shark cartilage powder is another example of a supplement that may have helpful benefits for joint health in both humans and animals.

3. Consult a Physician

It may also be advantageous to consult a physician about bone and joint health. A professional who specializes in bone and joint health – such as an orthopedic physician or a rheumatologist – may be the most qualified resource for recommending the most effective exercises, diet and supplements.