April 13, 2021


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The Best Natural Antibiotic: Benefits Of Colloidal Silver

It becomes unquestionably obvious what the best natural antibiotic is when you look at the...

It becomes unquestionably obvious what the best natural antibiotic is when you look at the history and recent research on the benefits of colloidal silver. The efficacy of colloidal silver becomes even more conclusive with the 1999 FDA ruling against its use after it had been employed for centuries in cultures worldwide.

If anyone still lacks awareness of big pharma’s power to influence the FDA they certainly won’t understand the last statement! Suffice to say that colloidal silver’s use as an antibiotic fell by the way side when pharmaceutical companies patented organic antibiotics.

There are more than a few issues, well-known in the field of medicine, with organic antibiotics. Not the least of which is that they destroy all the beneficial microbes in the gut necessary for proper digestion and assimilation of nutrients.

Then, there is the growing and alarming problem we are faced with in resistant strains of pathogens. The flippant prescribing of antibiotics for every and any sign of disease has bred incredibly powerful and dangerous pathogens that are immune to most of the organic antibiotics available.

The impressive germ killing properties of silver have been known for centuries as it was used by the wealthy in ancient civilizations to store liquids and make eating utensils. It was prescribed by the Ayurvedic system of medicine, which was developed in India 2,000 years ago, for infectious and inflammatory diseases.

When the pioneers who settled North America pushed the frontier west it was common to throw silver coins into the water barrels to keep the water free of germs. This was a throwback to ancient dynasties of Egypt and the Middle East where silver coins were placed in the water of monarchs and nobles.

Just as the Romans used it for preventing infection and healing wounds it is commonly and, I might say, very successfully used for the same thing today, especially burns. Silver is also used in medicine for a number of other applications that require anti-microbial properties. These include catheter, bone implants and cardiovascular devices like heart valves and stents.

The big breakthrough in the historical use of silver as an antibiotic came in 1914 when Henry Crookes discovered in his experimentation that silver in its colloidal form killed B. Tuberculosis in 4 minutes and Streptococci and other pathogens in 3 to 4 minutes.

Colloidal silver was historically produced by a process of electrolysis in distilled water. This forms ions of silver and as they multiply some of the ions coalesce into microscopic particles. Ideally you want to produce very small particles in the order of 40 to 50 nanometres. The uniformity of the particles is also important.

Ironically it was first supported by the pharmaceutical industry when it was widely promoted in the early 1900’s by Albert Searle who founded the pharmaceutical company, which later became Merck. With the discovery of penicillin and its use in medicine beginning in the 1940’s the tables were turned.

It would have been very difficult for pharmaceutical companies to get a patent for a natural occurring precious metal. Hence, it is even more ironic that the tables have turned again! In 2001 American Biotech Labs was awarded the first colloidal silver manufacturing process patent.

They discovered a way of producing an ideal silver nanoparticles with high voltage arcing, which produces an exceptional product. Biotech has since had a number of patents approved as well as EPA approval as a non-toxic disinfectant for everything from home to hospital use.

Probably due to the foolish FDA restrictions Biotech took their product to Africa where it was not only successful in a wide number of applications it garnered them approval by the government of Ghana as a homeopathic drug. No doubt due to the clinical studies in which patients in a matter of days experienced full recovery from everything from malaria to Gonorrhea.

The results of clinical studies, some over 5 years long, by prestigious scientists and universities is no less than staggering. These covered a broad spectrum of deadly bacteria as well as viruses. One significant such study demonstrated that colloidal silver had no detrimental effect on probiotics, those friendly microbes we all need for digestion. This was independently verified in animal studies which actually showed an improvement in probiotics with higher doses of colloidal silver.

The benefits of colloidal silver as a natural antibiotic are numerous. It can be used topically, transdermally or taken internally. I use it as a mouthwash as well as a disinfectant for wounds and take it internally if there is any sign of the flue or a cold as it also has exceptional anti-viral properties as well.

It does not take too much imagination to put to good use a non-toxic natural substance that has proven, tried and true antibiotic, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties! Granted, like any good thing, too much has deleterious effects.

There have been reported cases of argyria, which is a permanent, medically benign blue/gray skin discolouration from particles being deposited. Considering how many people use colloidal silver and for how long, these are few and far between.

Besides the EPA’s assessment of the bare minimum intake required to produce argyria is 900 mg in a year. That would require drinking a couple of 4 oz bottles every day! I certainly wouldn’t recommend ingesting it daily as a supplement as many people do.

A healthy body should, in most cases, produce sufficient defences against bacterial and viral infection as well as inflammation from a nutritious diet. I don’t believe that it is wise to interfere with those natural processes with daily supplements.

Whenever our defence system, for whatever reason, does break down it is great to have a natural, non-toxic remedy on hand. Especially an antibiotic that won’t destroy the good guys

Personally, I make my own as it is not difficult if done properly and so much cheaper. But for anyone who wants to purchase it I would recommend getting the best. Laboratory tests of commercially marketed colloidal silver have shown a vast disparity from the contents advertised.