August 8, 2022


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The Busy Woman Fitness Plan

The Busy Woman Fitness Plan

Someone asked me the other day which workouts should she choose to do. She was a little confused because in my post’s I talk about weight training, kettlebells, interval training and bodyweight exercises. So I could see how she was a little confused.

My answer to her and all of you is use them all. You know the whole variety is the spice of life thing. When it comes to exercise vatiety is your best path. Now I mentioned 4 different ways to exercise above do you know the combination and workouts you could put together?

Using variety will keep you interested and focused on getting to your fitness goals. I don’t know about you but I tend to get bored easily and let’s face it exercise isn’t always the most exciting thing in your life. If you keep challenging yourself with new and different workouts you will start to look forward to them. Especially once you start seeing the rewards in the mirror.

The one small problem with using exercise variety like I do is you have to really plan ahead. Back in the old day’s of doing the basic bodybuilding splits you went to your garage or gym or wherever you worked out and were going to do the same workout as you have been doing.

I tend to go by feel sometimes just for whatever reason I might feel like doing a particular exercise or exercises so I do it.

What I want to give you here is how to incorporate a variety of exercise programs to use. You do need to plan this ahead on at least a weekly basis.

Committ to Weight training Monday and Thursday


Tuesday and Friday do some Kettlebell exercises


Wednesday and Saturday could be Interval Training.


This is just an example of how you could set up your exercise week.

Like I said sometimes I feel like doing something in particular so I do it.

I guess in a round about way what I’m saying is if you say to yourself I am weight training today but I really feel like doing Intervals than do Intervals that day. You are motivated to do intervals not weight train that day. Chances are if you say I have to weight train you probably won’t even make it thruogh your workout.

Then you’ll be mad at yourself for that.

Oh I forgot to mention Exercise complexes well that’s for another day.