August 18, 2022


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The Incredible World of Legal Hemp-Derived Products

In 2018, milestone legislation had a massive impact on the hemp and cannabis industry. The “Farm Bill,” as it is, was dubbed by many, in short order, made producing, consuming, and vending hemp oil legal, so long as the THC-9 level remains below 0.3%. These modifications to the law have unfurled a giant market full of exceptional products that are aiding millions of individuals worldwide. Read more below to learn about the major winners of the Farm Bill. 

CBD: By Far The Biggest Winner

It’s quite clear that CBD products have seen the most significant upward mobility from this bill getting passed. Just a handful of years ago, not many people knew what CBD was. Now, it’s practically become a household name. In addition, it is quite popular amongst all age groups, particularly the “boomer” generation. Many people 50+ gravitate to CBD because it can relieve pain and anxiety and aid with sleep; all the while, there is no “high” or psychoactive component to consuming CBD like its cousin marijuana. 

The four unique ways in which people consume CBD are by vaping, smoking, consuming, or sublingually with a tincture. Recently, a huge market for full spectrum CBD candy like sour worms, gummy bears, and flavored rings.

Numerous people consume CBD to relieve anxiety and pain and assist with better sleep, as CBD is a fantastic sleeping aide for many. In addition, many people eat a few gummies before they go to sleep and report a whole night of sleep and do not have to rely on pharmaceutical drugs. While other people may vape some CBD or eat CBD candy after work to unwind from a long day, a healthier alternative to the age-old adage of coming home to have a “cold one.”

Delta-8 THC: The New Kid On The Block

Delta-8 THC is very similar to its outlawed relative, Delta-9 THC, the compound found in marijuana. However, there is a slight deviation in the carbon chain, which makes Delta-8 legal. It does produce a euphoric high similar to smoking marijuana but a much milder form that reduces or eliminates the paranoia and anxiety many feel when ingesting traditional marijuana. 

Consuming Delta-8 THC for many is like CBD, done either by eating/consuming it or vaping it, and there is also a traditional flower Delta-8 that can be rolled into a joint and smoked. Since Delta-8 produces a high, new users must take tiny amounts and regulate intake.

Many use Delta-8 THC products for the mild, euphoric, relaxing high. The problem for a lot of people with traditional marijuana is the intensity of the high, especially for non-regular users with little to no tolerance. Delta-8 is the perfect alternative for such people as they can still chill out and relax but not feel too overwhelmed. In addition, delta-8 THC gummies have become very popular recently, as everyone loves candy. 

THC-O: The “Psychedelic Cannabinoid” 

The most recent riser in popularity due to the new legislation is THC-O. THC-O is synthesized from the Delta-8 derived from the hemp plant; THC-O is not natural. THC-O, however, is extremely powerful, even more, potent than regular marijuana, with some studies suggesting that potency is three times the strength! 

THC-O has earned the nickname the “psychedelic cannabinoid,” as the effects can be akin to experiencing psychedelics such as LSD or psilocybin (magic mushrooms). Yet, this is not a product that individuals consume nonchalantly to decompress from a day of work like CBD and Delta-8 but instead a product that can offer a trip and even be spiritually awakening. 

Similar to Delta-8 and CBD, THC-O can be consumed by vaping and eating. THC-O gummies, edibles, and syrups are also wildly popular, as the dosage is uniform and easy for people to manage. 

These three product lines present something wholly different and source their origins from the same beautiful natural plant. People should always confer with their doctor before beginning a regimen using any cannabis-related products.