July 23, 2024


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The Many Benefits Of Venaseal™ Therapy For Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are more than just ugly. These purple-like, bulging veins show that your leg vein valves are not working properly. If it remains unaddressed, circulatory issues frequently worsen with time. Luckily, there is a quick outpatient treatment at Florida Lakes Vein Center that efficiently seals problematic veins; the VenaSeal procedure. By shutting the damaged vein using medical glue, the VenaSeal reroutes blood to the healthy veins. In this regard, it works on the same grounds as other varicose vein elimination techniques. However, instead of using a medical sclerosant or heat to shut and collapse a damaged vein, VenaSeal utilizes a special polymer. So, are you still on the fence about whether Venice Venaseal is right for you? Read on to learn some of the benefits of this varicose vein therapy.

One-Time Treatment That Is Quick And Effective

The VenaSeal procedure takes an average of 20 minutes. Therefore, it can suit people with hectic schedules.

Besides, you do not need to make a succession of consultations to fix your varicose veins. It is generally a one-time treatment for many veins, and you will feel better right away.

No Post-Procedure Compression Socks or Hose

Compression stockings or hoses could be difficult and irritating to put on and wear, particularly in hot weather. Unlike most other procedures, VenaSeal does not require any external support to keep your vein closed as a post-procedure rehabilitation measure. Once you leave your doctor’s clinic after your procedure, you can forget about the troublesome varicose veins.

Quickest Recoveries

First, long-term therapies for your illnesses are tough, and second, a lengthy recovery time does not fit into your hectic schedule. VenaSeal therapy addresses both of these issues by providing you with a one-time procedure as well as a quick recovery time or no downtime at all. As this vein therapy includes gluing and sealing your vein, it allows you to recuperate in a short period. Patients are generally ready to resume normal life activities after VenaSeal vein therapy in as little as one day. Immediately after the therapy, you begin to feel better and have no numbness.

No Needless Needles

Hate needles? The thermal therapy approach necessitates using ten to twenty needles to inject fluid into the body. What’s more, because the thermal treatment burns from inside the vein, it might cause the patient greater pain and damage the adjacent tissue. Doctors inject extra anesthesia in thermal procedures to mitigate the discomfort patients might experience and preserve the surrounding tissue.

VenaSeal does not require any of the above. It only requires one needle to administer the anesthetic near the access point, which is the ideal alternative if you fear or hate needles.

Whereas varicose veins are not commonly considered dangerous, they should be treated to avoid the danger of blood clots. Furthermore, these ugly-looking veins could trigger symptoms, including burning, fatigued legs, itching, and other discomforts. With the VenaSeal procedure, you can get back on your feet and resume your normal activities. Call the Florida Lakes Vein Center office or schedule a consultation online today to determine if you are the right candidate for the treatment.