August 10, 2022


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The Medical Marijuana from Humboldt County

The Medical Marijuana from Humboldt County

Early on, Humboldt County CA was a premier player in the Medical Marijuana game – they just didn’t know it. In the peace and love era of the late sixties, many students from Northern Cali, and hippie types elsewhere, gravitated to the area for a HAIR like existence. The laid back Cali-style, mellow weather, and beautiful earth vibe was quite alluring. Films like, “Without A Paddle”, and the well done “Humboldt County” in 2008, ensnare non-hippies as well. One of the best Reggae events in the world, “Reggae on the River”, is in their ‘hood.

Humboldt County is located on the far north of California, about 200 miles north of San Francisco. In a recent census, the county had a population of 126,518. The two largest population centers are Eureka, the county seat, and the smaller college town of Arcata, home to Humboldt State U. Both cities are located adjacent to Humboldt Bay, California’s second largest natural bay. Area cities and towns are known for hundreds of ornate examples of Victorian architecture.

Humboldt is a densely forested, rural county situated in Northern California’s rugged Coast Range – mountains. With nearly 1,500,000 acres of combined public and private forest in production, Humboldt County accounts for twenty percent of the total forest production for all of California. The county contains over forty percent of all remaining old growth Coast Redwoods forests, the vast majority of which is protected or strictly conserved within dozens of national, state, and local forests and parks, totaling approximately 680,000 acres

The majority of California’s Marijuana cash crop, roughly 70%, is grown outdoors on this type of land. Aerial surveillance of huge Cannabis Sativa crops topping out at 10-15 feet high was once the norm. Then C.A.M.P. (campaign against marijuana planting) flew in and began to take a big toll on growers. Just as adaptable as the weed that they grow, pot farmers imported a new strain from the Afghan region of the world as an experiment.

Enter Cannabis Indica, a shorter, faster maturing, and body punch knock-out intoxicant of a plant. The size and ease of maneuvering around the clandestine gardens gave birth to “Humboldt County Ses”, ses referring to a Spanish term which means, seedless.

Today, small patches of legal growers cultivate Humboldt County’s finest, as medicinal herb, part of California’s voter mandate. This small earthy community is churning out “high grade Medical Marijuana”, no pun intended.