May 16, 2022


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The Risks of Medication for Cholesterol

Many people have thought they were doing something wonderful for their bodies by taking medication designed to keep cholesterol levels within a healthy range. However, many people are beginning to wonder if it’s safe. There are two different kinds of medicine for cholesterol; man made and natural. More and more people are beginning to understand that the best way to keep cholesterol levels within a healthy range is through natural methods. However, some continue to take medications in order to do the same thing.

There are many herbs, which of course are all natural, such as Policosanol and Green Tea extract that have been utilized to keep cholesterol levels lower. They are just as effective as the man made medications and they are safe! They are being used in many different locations right now to lower cholesterol. The fact is that man mad medications can carry the weight of damaging and dangerous side effects! One thing that is used regularly to control cholesterol is Niacin. Although this has been proven to lower cholesterol levels, there are some dangerous side effects which you may experience when taking this supplement, such as an interference or speeding of high blood pressure medication, stomach cramps, problems with the liver, nausea or diarrhea. While many of these side effects don’t sound too frightening, there are more dangerous ones that could cause complications and even death.

There is another drawback to Niacin, especially when taken in large doses. It can widen the blood vessels which can result in hot flashes and flushes. The problem comes in when Niacin is unintentionally mixed in with Statin by the patient. Statin is a medicine that is used for cholesterol levels and when mixed, these two things can actually be fatal! This is a very dangerous thing because many people have no idea that they are mixing the two! Some of the other side effects which one may experience with cholesterol medications are muscle aches and indigestion. It is possible to lower cholesterol with these things, however, it is also important to know when you may be in dire risk and to stop taking them. Sure, side effects happen when you’re taking medication, however, checking with a doctor first can ensure that you are safe. The best way to be sure that you are safe is to lower cholesterol through natural methods like diet and exercise. Not only are you safer, but you improve in many different areas along with lowering cholesterol.