August 13, 2022


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A Guide to Treating Varicose Veins One of the things you may be wondering is how you can get rid of spider veins. Studies have shown that a significant number of Americans have spider veins. Also known as varicose veins, this condition can make you feel uncomfortable showing your legs during the summer. When spider veins are not removed on time, they can progress and lead to various ailments such as leg ulcers. If you have spider veins, you should get them treated as soon as possible. But rather than go through treatment, preventing the veins from forming is a better option. Instead of waiting until the veins show up for you to treat them, you will be better off preventing them in the first place. There are no known causes of varicose veins. However, some activities are known to lead to it. For instance, if you are fond of sitting or standing in the same position for long periods of time, you are likely to get the veins. The veins can also be aggravated when you lift heavy objects or wear tight clothes for a long time. Finally, you are also likely to get spider veins if there is a history of the condition in your family. Studies have shown that people in families that have a history of spider veins have higher chances of getting the condition. Tips on Preventing Spider Veins
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One of the ways in which you can prevent spider veins from occurring is by exercising. When you exercise, the leg muscles keep fit and you can control your weight. If you notice varicose veins have started forming, start exercising by doing low-impact activities. Make sure the exercise activities you choose will not strain your legs. Some of the recommended exercises that can help prevent spider veins are swimming and biking.
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Apart from exercising, avoid putting on high heels. When you are on high heels, the calf muscles contract and lead to occurrence of spider veins. Once every day, especially at the end of the day, stretch your legs. Do this for about 10 to 15 minutes to drain any pooled blood. Sometimes, your varicose veins condition may be genetically related. If this is the case, consider wearing support hose as often as you can. You can find different compression stockings at pharmacies. These stockings help to prevent blood from pooling. Following the tips above can help to prevent majority of spider veins. However, other treatment options may be necessary if your condition is serious. Undergoing surgery is the final treatment option you have. There are various types of surgery that your doctor can recommend to remove varicose veins. The surgeries can be performed while you are an outpatient. Following the above tips will help to prevent varicose veins.