May 17, 2022


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Tips for Making a Living as an Entertainer Without Hiring an Agent

The age of the internet has shown us all we can do ourselves. We’ve all seen people make a career from one great viral video idea they’ve had. They might have reached millions with their content, all without it being focus grouped or planned out by a team of writers. 

That might have you thinking, “What else can be done with just a few great ideas and some hard work?” Whether you are trying to make it as an online presence or as a live entertainer, there’s plenty of ways to do so, all on your own. 

Just because you aren’t looking for an agent doesn’t mean you aren’t open to some tips, and here’s a few that are sure to help you get off the ground. 

Regular Online Content

Whether you are looking to make it viral online or just perform in brick and mortar clubs, gone are the old days of only getting work through a traditional live entertainment agency. That, of course, can still help but don’t think that’s the only way. Think of the dream content you want to create and get work producing it. 

If you decide to seek out an agency’s help, they might even be more driven to help you if you already have an online presence and regularly keep yourself engaged with an audience. 

Diversify When Possible

Say you are a musician or comedian and looking to get your work out there all without involvement of an agent. You might think having your content somewhere like Spotify, for your music or comedy podcast, is all you have to do. While those are important, don’t overlook in-person options as well.

For either of those industries, get out to open mic nights as much as possible. Let people around the globe find your online work all while you are performing in person. A massive benefit from working in person is the connections you are going to make. The value of that cannot be understated and can be the very thing that gets you into the spotlight.

Look For Collaborations 

Right along with making connections, finding people in similar positions to you can get you work that you previously might not have considered. For example, if you are trying to make it as an actor, look for student directors and see if there’s any open roles for you to act in. Not only does this build a connection but it’s also going to build your portfolio by showing off all you are capable of doing professionally. 

As a musician, look out for artists who seem to be in a similar space as you are, from playing at similar venues to having overlapping listeners online. Reach out and see if they would like to collaborate together. The work you do together might be a new song that features both of your talents, or even embarking on a joint tour in hopes of bringing in more of the other artist’s fanbase.