April 10, 2021


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Tips on Helping Parents Transition into Nursing Homes

No one wants to lose their independence. That’s why it’s so important to let aging parents still feel like they have control of their day to day lives. This is where an adult community with nursing home facilities can help your parents transition gradually into the appropriate care setting they need.

Use these helpful tips on nursing home transitions to help you plan for your parents.

Nursing Home Options

Adult Independent Communities

According to Nursing Home Diaries, about 5% of the U.S. population lives in nursing homes, but that may not be the initial step for your parents. For parents who are active and busy about their day, an adult independent community may be just the right thing. Not only is this the easiest move for seniors, but it can be an exciting time when they know they’re moving to a community with a lot of activities. Various types of adult communities all over the United States offer housing that allows seniors to live in their own apartment or townhome.

Adult communities can be very active and fun as the residents plan their own schedules and daily activities. They may live close to a local grocery store, shopping plaza and church with activities that are within walking distance. They may also have access to shuttle buses and vans or other types of transportation to take them to appointments, shows, shopping excursions and even weekend getaways.

The seniors feel safe and independent in their new homes. They have their own furnishings and can meet in the community center or community room for various activities all throughout the week. The facility may have doctors come in and other healthcare providers to assist with care and treatment as one ages.

Assisted Living Communities

Usually within the same developments or nearby, assisted living communities are similar to the aforementioned, but they offer additional services including visiting nurses and more on-site care. The seniors may live in a house where they have their own room or apartment, but the setting is a bit more intimate as a care giver will oversee the activities for the group as well as look after the seniors for doctor’s appointments and other types of care that they need.

It is common that in these communities the seniors have call bells in their homes or emergency push buttons and necklaces to assist them if they fall or have an emergency. They may have railings in their bathrooms and other amenities that can help them age with dignity.

Nursing Homes

Another option for seniors is a nursing home. This is usually for seniors that may be bed-ridden or may not have family that can take care of them. Nursing homes are very supportive environments as the seniors may have private and semi-private rooms. Because the care is more consistent, they always have nursing assistants, doctors, and nursing on-site to help assist with their care.

If you or a family member needs long term care, Marietta residents utilize services like “A Place for Mom” that can help them to find the right type of home in their area. Research the location and check it through the Better Business Bureau to ensure it will be a safe environment for your parents as they age.