April 20, 2024


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Top Home Remedies for Eye Allergies

Eye Allergy Itchy Eyes Symptoms, Causes and Home Remedies for Treatment -  Royal Spanish Center

Have you been diagnosed with eye allergy? With all the indoor and outdoor allergens, eye allergies can be frustrating. Symptoms like swelling, itching, dry or sore eyes, light sensitivity, and sticky discharge can be uncomfortable. Immunotherapy eye allergies Bronx treatment is among the most effective approaches and entails using allergy shots. The therapy helps treat allergic conjunctivitis, and besides the professional solution, you can employ some home remedies. Among the easy home remedies for eye allergies includes:

Cold press

Cold press is effective in reducing swelling and itching. Soak a clean washcloth or towel in water or refrigerate it, lie down, and place it across the eyes. Cold press shrinks the irritated eye tissues. This helps reduce the swell in the eyelids, alleviating allergy symptoms. Such a soothing relief makes the allergy less unpleasant, a simple DIY hack anyone can manage.

Clean your face

When experiencing itchy and swollen eyes, you might focus on them and forget the nearby areas. Your face is among the areas you should pay attention to since allergens can stick to the skin and eyelashes. Wash the face with clean water. This helps eliminate the allergens to help you combat the symptoms. Washing the face means you will not start to feel better, only for more allergens from your face to irritate the eyes.

Stay indoors

You have a seasonal allergy if you get the symptoms during certain periods or times of the year. The seasons characterized by a boom in allergens such as pollen can be challenging if you are outdoors a lot. A breezy day and plenty of pollen and other allergens continually expose your eyes, emphasizing the need to stay indoors more or wear protective gear in such conditions.

Rinse the eyes

Flushing the allergen out can help alleviate the symptoms. If you can manage it, rinse out the eyes with clean water. A little amount of water can help loosen and flush the allergens from inside the eyes, reducing the uncomfortable symptoms.

Over-the-counter eye drops

You can buy and use OTC eye drops without a prescription. Some of the eye drops contain antihistamines and vasoconstrictors. The vasoconstrictor helps in shrinking the swollen blood vessels, alleviating the redness. Antihistamine helps manage the itchiness. The eye drops are effective, but you need to be careful since excessive use can lead to rebound redness.

Artificial tears

Talk to your doctor for recommendations on the best artificial tears following your allergies. An allergy can lead to your eyes feeling extremely dry and irritated. Having the chilled eye drops handy helps lubricate and soothe the eyes. Following your doctor’s recommendation, you can safely use artificial tears to alleviate the allergy symptoms at home.

Prescription eye drops

Ask your doctor for a prescription eye drop. The options offer an antihistamine and mast cell stabilizer combination, making them an effective remedy. Prescription eye drops are safe even for children in everyday use. With the best option, a single drop, such as in the morning, can last the whole day and remain effective for 24 hours.

Eye allergies can be frustrating, but you can comfortably manage the symptoms with a few hacks ups your sleeves. A thorough diagnosis to establish the causes is the first step, helping you avoid the allergens and know the best course of action when an allergy hits. Contact or visit Bainbridge Eye Care today for more information on allergies and eye health.