July 22, 2024


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TrueBee Honey: A Sweet household enterprise in St. Andrews West

Emily Briffa never dreamed she would be investing her life in the organization of bees and their hives.

“This commenced when I met Jan, the bee keeper. We had been really neighbours,” stated Briffa.

“He loved the bees.  I fell in adore with the man, and then I fell in adore with the bees,” she laughed.

Jan Peachey, now Briffa’s spouse and the father of their a few youngsters, began bee retaining in 1995 with just a handful of hives.

“I appreciated it so a lot that I built a occupation out of it,” said Peachey.

The honey harvest is in full swing at the Peachey Honey Farm, producers of a assortment of TrueBee Honey.

“We specialize in raw, unpasteurized, smaller-batch, artisanal honey products and solutions,” reported Briffa. 

And Briffa admits to staying really sweet on the honey organization.  Every day, she’s in awe of her industrious bees.

Peachey Honey Farms

“It’s just a actually magical thing.  It’s a genuinely dynamic, gorgeous performing romance between person, female, and honey bee,” she mentioned.

“A bee will have to vacation about 60,000 miles to make a single pound of honey.  That’s a whole lot of buzzing all over,” she smiles.

The household has some 500 hives across South Stormont.  They are strategically placed in a variety of bee yards spanning 100 kilometres.

“You just cannot set all of your bees in a single place.  There would not be plenty of flowers for the bees,” explained Peachey.

“So, you spread the bee hives all through the countryside the place there is lots of bouquets for them,” he explained.

The balmy, humid weather conditions has been suitable for bees to do their organization.  Moist bouquets give them enough offerings of nectar to make honey.

As Briffa pulls 1 of her “supers”, or frames, from the hive, she marvels at her bees’ determination to their calling.

“The bees are occupied.  They are working tricky correct now, capping the honeycomb. They do this when the honeycomb body is whole of honey and it’s at the suitable dampness material,” she stated.

“It is definitely important to us beekeepers mainly because this let us us know that the honey is completely ready for harvest.  If you take it off also soon, and the dampness content material is much too large, it can go rancid. “

“So, we definitely have to make sure it’s taken off with the precise suitable moisture content material.  This is what enables honey to preserve eternally.  Honey has no expiry date, and which is mainly because it’s taken off at the ideal time,” stated Briffa.

TrueBee Honey

For the honey harvest, it’s usually all arms-on hives at Peachey Honey Farm.  Nine-calendar year-outdated Austen Peachey keeps bees relaxed with his smoker.

“It helps make the bees sleepy and they won’t be intense,” he reported.

Certain, bee stings go with the territory here.  But the relatives claims they happen much less usually than you would visualize.

“They can get a tiny protective and territorial,” explained the youthful Peachey.  

“But mainly, they just want to do their matter.  Fly all-around and collect pollen. They’re fairly nice, if you really do not disturb them,” he mentioned.

Other than, he mentioned, when you aid the bees, you assistance the planet.

“It can help out mother nature, and it is enjoyable,” he mentioned with a smile.

“We definitely want to do our aspect to assure we guard the bees.  They’re not only crucial pollinators, but a person third of just about every chunk of foodstuff we consume each and every working day is thanks to a honey bee,” reported Briffa.

As nicely as producing quite a few varieties below the TrueBee model, Briffa and Peachey have, for decades, designed honey for Farm Boy and its stores in jap Ontario, and now, the Larger Toronto Spot.

“We are Farm Boy’s honey farm,” Briffa smiles.

Beekeepers are previously serving to their bees get ready for when the snow flies.

“You gotta make absolutely sure the bees are solid and healthy to go by the extended, chilly wintertime,” mentioned Jan Peachey.

The honey harvest continues via the month of September.  With every single TrueBee Honey jar stuffed, the spouse and children will be grateful for its sweet existence, and its bounty.

“It’s definitely a dynamic collaboration concerning us, the bees and the local community,” stated Briffa.

“It’s just so inspiring to see their adore and support of the bees. It can make our function additional meaningful.”