April 20, 2021


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Understanding Acute Leukemia Cancer Symptoms

It’s unfortunate that we should have to worry about acute leukemia symptoms. After all, at...

It’s unfortunate that we should have to worry about acute leukemia symptoms. After all, at some points in our history, it always looks like a disease is getting better. In this case, it is Leukemia – and many doctors say that it is something that drugs will help. However, there are still more than 30,000 Americans a year who are diagnosed with this disease. Many are diagnosed with the acute forms of Leukemia referred to as AML (Acute myelogenous leukemia) or ALL (Acute lymphoblastic leukemia).

It is very important that when an individual is diagnosed with the acute form of Leukemia, they receive treatment quickly. When they receive treatment quickly, the chances of recovery certainly improve. And, sometimes it can be put in remission; in some people it has been cured in these early stages.

Although many people may not know it, Acute Leukemia is a type of cancer that starts within the bone marrow. Doctors find that the white blood cells of those with this disease are abnormal and then they start to produce more. They continue to grow and stay in the bloodstream to crowd out the white blood cells that are healthy. When a person doesn’t receive a diagnosis in time, it can spread to other areas of the body, and often will stay in the spleen and the liver.

Unfortunately, acute leukemia doesn’t always have to happen. Sometimes it is caused by exposure to certain toxins, such as benzene. In fact, if this is the case, it’s best to consult with an experienced attorney. Oftentimes, legal action can be taken to help those suffering because of the disease.

Acute Leukemia Symptoms

There are many symptoms of Acute Leukemia and these symptoms are different in each person. Here are a few of the symptoms:

Anemia, meaning that your iron count may be low
Headaches that are unexplained
Flu like symptoms that you can’t explain – chills and fever can come with this also
Lack of appetite or weight loss that you can’t explain
Petechiae, which are small red spots that show up under one’s skin
Infections happen often
The stomach is painful or feels uncomfortable

As you can see, these symptoms can be due to many things and they should be checked out by a doctor to be sure as to their cause.

The Difference Between Chronic And Acute Leukemia

When someone is experiencing acute leukemia, they will have symptoms that start and seem to continue rapidly. They appear to become worse, and they may experience eye sores, muscle control loss, confusion, and even seizures. Chronic leukemia is slower, and it can be difficult to know whether the individual has leukemia or some other illness. There can be problems in the digestive track, fever, fatigue, and trouble with the kidneys.

Again, it’s unfortunate that anyone should ever have to worry about acute leukemia symptoms. Cancer is a nasty disease, and in so many cases it doesn’t need to occur.