August 10, 2022


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Understanding the Health Risks of Being Overweight or Obese

A while back, food shortages were a major problem worldwide. In the present day, the globe is suffering an equally severe concern-obesity. The enormous gains that have been achieved worldwide to feed the planet’s population have come at a hefty cost, as obesity is fast becoming one of the fundamental medical concerns. In the U.S., over 42% of the population is obese, heightening the danger for specific, frequently life-threatening healthcare concerns. At Nova Physician Wellness Center, the obesity medicine physicians recognize the seriousness of this obesity issue; thus, they provide weight loss plans as part of their comprehensive wellness solutions. In this post, obesity medicine specialist Dr. Rohit Suri takes you through the health risks associated with obesity. Read on to learn more.

What Health Concerns Are You Exposed To If You Are Obese?

To jump right to the list of health effects that might result from obesity, Dr. Suri refers to the list suggested by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which includes the following as the main concerns:

·         Increased cholesterol levels

·         Hypertension

·         Type 2 diabetes

·         Coronary artery disease (CAD)

·         Osteoarthritis

·         Stroke

·         Specific forms of cancer

·         Gallbladder problems

·         Kidney failure

·         Sleep apnea

·         Fatality

Besides these physical health concerns, obesity can hurt your mental health, resulting in anxiety or mood disorders.

How Does Additional Weight Impact Your Health?

Now that Dr. Suri has highlighted some of the medical concerns that might arise due to obesity, here is a deeper peek at what causes some of these concerns.

v  Cardiovascular Wellness

Obesity might hurt your cardiovascular health. If you consume a high-calorie, low-nutrient diet, your body will grow progressively incapable of metabolizing the fat you ingest. For this reason, fat accumulates in your blood vessels, potentially leading to hypertension and increased cholesterol levels.

Plaque builds up in your blood arteries as fat accumulates, causing blockages that keep your blood from flowing normally. These obstructions, often known as atherosclerosis, are the reason for serious cardiovascular problems such as stroke and coronary artery illness.

v  Metabolic Health

Your pancreas generates insulin, a hormone that distributes glucose to your cells to metabolize the sugars within your blood. Whenever you overfeed your body with high-glucose foods, you risk insulin resistance, which means your pancreas will not effectively produce sufficient insulin to counteract the resistance. This chronic concern is known as type II diabetes. Once it occurs, this diabetes places you at a considerably increased risk for severe complications like cardiovascular illness and irreversible nerve damage.

v  Musculoskeletal Fitness

Carrying excess pounds exerts strain on your musculoskeletal structure, which may result in the early development of osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis develops whenever the protective cartilage within your joints breaks away, prompting swelling and discomfort.

Ultimately, numerous other examples can show how obesity may harm your health, but the ones listed above should help you understand some of the health risks associated with being overweight. Fortunately, losing merely 5 to 10% of your total body weight has been demonstrated to enhance your health and reduce your susceptibility to these health concerns. If you wish to take control of your health, Dr. Suri and the expert staff at Nova Physician Wellness Center are there to provide you with tailored weight loss programs that include assistance and step-by-step instructions. Call the office near you or book an appointment online today to get started.