April 14, 2021


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Understanding the pros and cons of lean mass gainers

Before relying on a lean mass gainer to add muscle mass, it is important to...

Before relying on a lean mass gainer to add muscle mass, it is important to know well the benefits as well as the disadvantages of such a supplement.

To have a toned and muscular body is a goal most fitness enthusiasts strive to achieve. On your road to get that desired physique, along with a strict workout regime, the right diet plan and resting well are also very important.

Many people also look at taking protein and gainer supplements as a means to achieve the perfect physique and muscle gainershave fast become a very popular option for weight and muscle gain.

Understanding muscle gaining supplements

While it is for good reasons that muscle gainer supplements are so popular, it is very important to well understand both advantages and disadvantages associated with them, particularly lean mass gainer supplements.

  • It is critical to be well-aware of these factors, because while the right intake of muscle gainer supplements could lead to desired results, the supplement must contain the correct proportion of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins etc. in every serving. This balance of nutrients is the crucial factor that can swing the product in your favour, or have detrimental effects on your body.
  • So, which one really is the best lean mass gainer for you? It depends on a lot of factors like the results you are looking to achieve, your body type, your workout schedule, lifestyle etc. ‘Lean mass’ essentially means muscle without fat, and lean mass gainer supplements help you gain muscle mass while maintaining the desired body weight.
  • Packed with high-quality protein, calories and carbohydrates (not sugar-based) and without the fats in weight gain supplements, lean mass gainers and muscle gainers help you achieve your goal of a muscular body.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of using these supplements:


    1. Delivering high calories and carbs, a lean mass gainer substantially adds to your muscle mass.
    2. Lean mass gainer with creatine further helps in developing muscles rapidly.
    3. It helps your body recover quicker after a strenuous workout.


  • Lean mass gainers are a good source of BCAAs.


  1. The 1:1 ratio of protein to carbohydrate helps gaining mass while controlling weight gain


  1. Be wary of the calorie intake. While calories help build muscles, too much will lead to unwanted weight gain. Choose the right product.
  2. They often contain caffeine and can cause insomnia, so be 100% sure of taking them if you suffer from sleep problems.
  3. Caffeine and creatine together can cause dehydration.
  4. Taking more than the required amount of lean mass gainerswill make you gain weight, which is not desirable.

Lean mass gainer and similar muscle gainer supplements could be excellent ways to build muscles in a short period of time while keeping the body weight in check. However, to avoid undesired effects on the body, it is best to take the product on medical advice and in the prescribed dosage only.