August 8, 2022


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Urgent Care – Know When to Go

At some point you might come down with an illness that does not require a trip to the emergency room at a hospital, but deserves faster attention than you would get from your doctor. In this case, it does not make sense to rush to the emergency room or wait days or even weeks for an appointment. Instead, consider going to urgent care to get your issue solved. Find out what a provider near you can do.

Most locations specialize in treating injuries and illnesses that are not life-threatening. You can still expect to wait a bit for treatment like you would in the ER, but it is typically not as crowded since each city usually has several centers. Rather than setting up camp for several hours in the waiting room, you can probably expect to wait anywhere from minutes to a few hours, which definitely beats more emergency rooms and doctor’s offices.

The amenities you will find at an urgent care center are similar to what you would find when you visit a hospital or a doctor. They can typically offer x-rays, blood tests, and other diagnostic methods. They usually also have machines, such as an EKG, to make sure you are doing well internally. In this way, you can have an illness diagnosed, treatment prescribed, and have any questions answered during your visit.

If you suddenly have the flu, allergies, or just feel generally ill, you should head to the urgent care instead of waiting for a doctor’s appointment. This way, you can get the medicine you need as soon as possible so that you can take less time off work or school. If you have a broken or sprained bone, bug bite, or infection, you can also expect to get treatment at your local urgent care. Anything that does not require a specialist can usually be treated at such a clinic.

You can also go to most urgent care centers for vaccinations, screenings, and prescriptions. In general, anything your normal practitioner can do can also be performed by this type of location. Check to make sure your insurance provider covers the particular location you are interested in before you go, though you should know that most providers do in fact cover treatment from a number of them. The next time you are not feeling well or have some emergency that is not life-threatening, consider taking a trip to the center near you in order to get fast treatment.