May 22, 2022


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US Health Plan – Out of Focus

The Fed wants to straighten out health insurance. Very nice. But they’re missing the actual first priority: Teaching people how to eat with some degree of sanity. Or do those in the Fed have a clue?

I assembled a few tips I’ve discovered in over 40 years of self study on nutrition – and I’ll give some often-missing specifics, banishing the vague commandment to “eat a good, balanced diet.” Meaningless words.

We need to be informed in this dangerously affluent country if we’re to stay strong. I know we all have our own physical chemistry and needs, but . . . these rules I use for myself just might help others. Anyone can, if inclined, test them out and see if daily energy isn’t more stable. I innovated to make these changes in diet, and . . . what a difference in energy and overall health! So check out what I tell myself about my diet:

***Eat only unprocessed foods. “Go primitive” with food choices: leafy green veggies, mostly; poultry, or fish (and beef in moderation). Almost no fruit. (It’s loaded with sugars.)

***Use quality oils: olive oil or unsalted, real butter.

***All foods should be organic if possible. (Pesticides and preservatives just add more toxins to the body).

***Go very easy on the dressings and seasonings. (This is my big challenge!)

***Have some fish-or-poultry-or-beef protein with every meal. This has helped me big time. Complete proteins do the building and stabilizing for the body, and most of us eat too much carbohydrate (alcohol being the most concentrated). Carbs (dates, potatoes, breads, sugar, etc.) can bring on problems with mood swings and energy crashes. The best carbs release sugars slowly and have more protein: Stay with quinoa, millet, brown rice, amaranth, and buckwheat. Unprocessed, not “shot from guns” or any of that.

To ponder: What did we consume when we first came down from the trees? No pizza, no beer, pretzels, breads or chocolate covered peanuts, right? It was all plant foods and flesh foods. Simple. I stay with what the natural human body can use well.

Even President Obama, smart as he is, could teach us better by example and drop the M&Ms, burgers, and fries. It’s politically astute and maybe a bit charming to show that you’re a regular burger guy at times, but to me, it’s never wise for building health or teaching by example.

Well, this note is painfully abbreviated, but these basics have taken me a long way. So many people seem to be wide of the mark on food choices. Just look around. You might read author Donna Gates for a sensible starting point. And a suggestion: At least find out about candida albicans (a serious issue for many); Ms. Gates can inform you as can Dr. Peter Zeischegg in Nevada City, California (

Let the Fed serve us well by broadcasting the fact that our foods create our health – or our weakness.

It takes self-discipline to eat for real strength, but it’s the only way to a sane health plan. Think: Why are so many of us eating body-corrupting foods (and I’ve consumed my share!), then stumbling into hospitals to repair self-caused damages? What a merry-go-round!

At least we could educate the populace. Some of the PBS shows can be helpful, actually.

See how these foods make you feel about four hours after eating. Be your own food-testing lab. And check these suggestions out with your doctors – if they know about nutrition!

Big if!

In the last analysis, we’re all fee to break the laws of health, but I found that in time my “fun-food” choices came back to bite me.

Remember: “Go primitive; go unprocessed.” Fit or Fat author Covert Bailey made this same simple point in his own way. For me, it’s paid off in quality energy and maybe in longevity. (We’ll see about that one!)

With goodwill,

Tim Bellows

— 8/14/2009 —