November 27, 2021


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Walking For Exercise – Is Walking As An Exercise Effective?

If you are like a lot of people, your body is not in the perfect shape that it could be. You would much prefer it were a little healthier. Perhaps there are a couple of extra pounds that you wouldn’t mind getting rid of or you just could use a little more stamina and endurance. So what type of exercise can you do to get your body back in shape? Believe it or not walking for exercise may be the answer.

Sure, you may be wondering ‘is walking as an exercise effective?’ It is. Consider this. Exercise is the process of moving your body, upping your heart rate and getting your muscles to work. All of these things are accomplished when you start walking.

Walking for exercise has a number of benefits as well:

Weight Loss – Getting your body moving with any form of exercise is what you need to be doing to lose weight. When you move and exercise you burn calories. Is walking as an exercise effective for weight loss? Sure it is! Consider that you are using your legs for this exercise and your legs hold some of the largest muscles in your body. They are going to work and burn calories to help you shed pounds.

Heart Health – Sitting around all day is not good for your heart. It is a muscle, and can get weak just like other muscles in your body. Walking for exercise will keep that muscle strong and help lessen the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Health Benefits – In addition to the obvious benefits to the heart and weight loss arenas, there are plenty of other health bonuses to walking for exercise such as lowering your bad cholesterol and blood pressure.

If you really want to get on the right track, you can combine walking for exercise with other options to speed up the results.