July 23, 2024


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Emotional Intelligence


Emotional intelligence means managing and knowing their own emotions and also, know the emotions of others too. If a person has a high range of emotional intelligence, it means they know exactly how they are feeling, what they are feeling, what the are meaning for their emotions, what could the consequences of their emotions and how they will affect others.

It is said that the people who acquire a high level of emotional intelligence will become a good leader. On the other hand, they perform very at good at their job, and they are also very good coworkers. If a person has a high level of emotional intelligence, then they are highly aware of his or her emotions it doesn’t matter if the emotions are positive and negative. They can also manage and know their negative emotions such as frustration, anger, sadness, and jealousy. It is also a good thing because if you have high Emotional Intelligence then you can be a better parent, leader, friend, or partner.

Here, I will be going to discuss the ten best Emotional Intelligence Activities and Exercises to improve your emotional intelligence:

Self Awareness

Self Awareness

It is the most important emotional intelligence activity when it comes to knowing your emotions. Self-awareness is the capacity of a person to look within himself/herself without being bias with positive and negative. A person thinks that they know everything about themselves and know everything that they feel. However, sometimes you stuck in a situation, where you don’t know what emotion is overpowering you and it is the time when the question arises that do you really very well self-aware of your own feelings.

Self-awareness exactly means that you what you are doing, how you actually feel about that thing, and the most important thing is to try to sort what is that you don’t know about your emotional state.

Feelings are the most complex things about humans, and it is very difficult to understand sometimes what you are actually or maybe we can sometimes we have mixed feelings at a time. That’s why awareness about oneself is important and must to do to figure yourself out from inside.

Stay Motivated

Stay Motivated

Motivation is key to success if you want to be successful in life; then staying motivated is the key factor you should pursue. It basically means a person’s continuous willingness to achieve their goal or target. Motivation comes from within, and it’s the mixture of feelings like passion, creativity, drive, craze, aspiration, inspiration, optimism, etc. These are all emotions that a person needs to understand to keep oneself self-motivated and this is very important to do, and that’s why it is the best emotional intelligence activity.

Emotional intelligence of a person really depends on their motivation because if they are not even clear with their goals achieving strategy. Then how come they can sort how they are feeling and what emotion in driving them. If they can achieve their goals and work hard for them, then it is clear that the person knows about himself and his emotions and he also knows how to put his emotions in actions to get results.

Positive Attitude

Positive Attitude

Your attitude matter in everything you do. If you have a positive outlook towards things in your life, eventually you are able to solve anything. On the other hand, with a negative attitude, you will just increase your problem into a bigger one. And because of this, staying positive or keeping your attitude positive towards things in your life is a must. To achieve a high level of Emotional Intelligence will also help you understand the attitude yours and as well as of others. If your attitude is negative toward anyone it will surely impose a negative impact on that person and even might hurt their feeling. But a positive attitude imposes only positive vibes on anyone. Your positive attitude will keep them optimistic, and they will eventually know what they have to do.

Staying positive also means practicing positive things such as meditation, yoga, listening slow or light music, and even your diet also impact on positivity. So first practice positive things in your life to keep your attitude positive towards everyone or anything. This also helps in increasing your emotional intelligence.

Critiques are your friends


Criticism usually means expressing one’s opinions and thoughts regarding the positive and negative aspects of someone or something. Criticism is not something bad it is the important aspect of your work or maybe of yourself. Critics are very important in your life and if they tell you your flaws don’t be upset about it, instead be happy that you can remove those flaws from your life. Taking criticism positively is a really important emotional intelligence activity.

One of the sayings of poet Kabir is about critics, and he is encouraging a person to have critics in his/her life. The saying is, “Keep your critics close to you, let them a house in your yard. That way you don’t need soap or water to clean up your act.” If a person has a high level of emotional intelligence then that person happily accepts critic’s opinions, even if negative or positive. They do not get offended and go all defensive about themselves; on the other hand, they face it with courage.

Empathy is helpful to achieve emotional intelligence


Empathy is necessary because of the emotional intelligence of a person is not only depending on knowing one’s feelings but also knowing and understanding about the feelings or emotions of others too. It simply means understanding other’s feelings, emotions, and situations. Empathy enables you to see things from other people’s perspectives.

It also enhances a person’s capacity for emotional intelligence by providing them a point to also, understand other’s emotions and react according to them. This way, people also don’t hurt anyone and their emotions.

Influence of Oneself

Your personal influence on others also enhances emotional intelligence because if a person gets inspired by your work and habits. Then it actually counts on your side. If you are doing hard work, going well along with your co-workers, and helping others. This way to can influence and motivate the people that are in your surrounding.

Personal influence is not just this your personality, your way of talking, presenting something. It’s the capability to confront things that are important, achieving your goals and vision also add-in.

Listen to improve your emotional intelligence

Listen to improve

Listening is very important, it helps you understand things better, and It helps you make a better decision. Listening is important for everyone including people doing jobs and even students. It does not only improve your emotional intelligence, but it also improves your communication skills.

Effectively listening to another person will help you improve their ideas, their opinions, their thoughts about particular things. It will help you in analyzing their behavior also, and this way you can also predict their emotions. Even you can also figure out how they are feeling. It is the best exercise for improving your emotional intelligence.

Respond not to React

Respond not to React

In giving a response and reacting towards anything is two different things. Reacting exactly means getting defensive towards someone’s opinions or thoughts. On the other hand, giving a response is more healthy and it shows more patience. Basically, a response is an approach and more like a discussion. Reacting towards the opinions of the other and thoughts might not be a good decision. It may cause a problematic situation for you and that person.

Self-control is key to emotional intelligence

It is the biggest thing a person can achieve, and it is really the best emotional intelligence activity. It helps people to improve their emotional intelligence and also helps them to understand their emotions.  For example, you are angry over something, and your emotional intelligence helps you figure out the emotion of anger. This is also good to control your anger because you are also aware of the other people emotion’s around you.

Self-control can’t be taught, a person can master this skill by own, and it will help you develop your personality. It will make you calmer and more positive.

Handling tough situations

Handling tough situations

This is the best emotional intelligence activity to test your emotional intelligence. To know your feelings in the tough situation, how you should respond, how to handle, how to manage other things. If a person has a high level of emotional intelligence then he will be going to positive, calm and relax. He will first analyze the whole situation and then figure out to do what to handle the situation.

For example, if a worker with a high level of emotional intelligence is dealing with a very angry customer. Then while interacting with him calmly and positively, and he will understand his problem. Also, assure the customer with full confidence that he will surely solve the problem soon.

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