April 10, 2021


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What Does Healthy Living Mean To You? Is The Word “Balance” In That Definition?

The term “healthy living” gets bantered around so much that it really does not mean...

The term “healthy living” gets bantered around so much that it really does not mean anything very concrete to most people. We all know it is something we want, but do we really take time to plan our life around living in a healthy way? This article is not about what it means to live a healthy life. But, possibly, the article can suggest that the premise of that goal is finding balance in all areas of one’s existence.

To begin, assume you really do not know how you spend your time very accurately. For most people, that comes as a surprise. They presume that they are completely tuned in as to how they spend their time.

The only way to really know is to keep a journal for a week or a few days. You can jot down what you do with a timeline, and once you have that raw data, sort it into categories like “work,” “sleep,” “family,” etc. Whatever the categories are should be your definition of what composes living a healthy life. It will be different for each person.

Once you have done this, it will be surprising if you do not find that you are very un-balanced in how you are devoting your energies. Possibly, you think you are spending a lot of time with your children, but discover that in the big scheme of things, the actual physical time is miniscule.

Is this acceptable to you? If it is, evaluate another area.

Your time devoted to exercise, or sleep, or just time to reflect alone spiritually may all be very different than you would like. The only way to start is by having the facts. And the only way to get those is to make a conscience effort to gather the information in a journal or timesheet format.

Boring, maybe. Effective, most certainly.

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