June 26, 2022


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What Is Astringent Flavor? 5 Mouth-Puckering Foods

The astringent flavor is a pungent, tingly, and drying sensation that some men and women discover unpleasant. It is not a thing you’ll typically discover in your regular candy keep, and it may possibly make your facial area wrinkle up like a prune.

Still, this lesser-identified flavor sensation can increase taste and intrigue to any dish.

The 5 primary tastes — salty, bitter, umami (savory), sweet, and bitter — are tied to preferences buds on your tongue, which mail sensory facts by way of distinct nerves for you to taste these flavors.

The astringent taste is a little bit of a secret, with scientists debating regardless of whether it can be deemed an further flavor (1).

This post critiques many astringent foods and explores food items compounds joined to astringency.

Below are 5 astringent food items, additionally their health gains.

1. Green tea

Inexperienced tea brims with astringent plant compounds known as tannins and catechins, which have remarkable antioxidant probable.

Antioxidants are compounds that lessen sickness chance by battling unstable molecules identified as totally free radicals in your physique.

In accordance to studies, inexperienced tea supports heart health because of to its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and blood-force-reducing properties (2).

Moreover, a single modern evaluation implies that catechins, in particular, may possibly secure towards most cancers, diabetic issues, coronary heart disorder, Alzheimer’s, and influenza (3).

All the exact, more investigation on these compounds is wanted.

2. Persimmons

Persimmons are tomato-shaped fruits that are notably sweet when ripe. Even so, unripe varieties are in particular astringent.

In actuality, tannins in their pulp lead to their astringency.

These plant compounds have antiviral and antioxidant properties that may possibly enable beat health problems, this sort of as heart disorder, most cancers, diabetes, osteoporosis, and mind disorders (4, 5, 6).

3. Grapes

Grapes not only comprise tannins but also high amounts of tartaric acid, which adds to their astringent taste.

Regardless of the name, tartaric acid is not the identical thing as product of tartar. Instead, it is a form of natural and organic acid found in several fruits (7).

Apart from getting the main chemical ingredient of wine, which provides it its tart taste and astringent properties, tartaric acid is commonly applied in an array of Mexican dishes.

Grapes — in particular Concord grapes — are also a good supply of polyphenol anti-oxidants. Each human and animal scientific tests display that polyphenols assist immune health (8).

All the identical, unique experiments on grapes’ health consequences are lacking.

4. Broccoli

Broccoli is packed with health added benefits but has a one of a kind taste that men and women feel to either love or detest.

While it could not make your mouth pucker or dry out, it’s regarded to have astringent characteristics in accordance to Ayurvedic medicine.

Like other environmentally friendly cruciferous veggies, the astringency of broccoli might be thanks to plant polyphenols — namely tannins (9).

This veggie is also packed with phytonutrients like sulforaphane that behave like anti-oxidants, decreasing swelling in your overall body. These compounds may possibly supply anti-cancer and pro-getting old benefits, as perfectly as safeguard from heart illness, diabetic issues, and mind ailments (10, 11).

5. Milk and yogurt

Though dairy products and solutions like milk and yogurt are generally regarded as mild or even sweet, they could have astringent features dependent on how they’re processed.

In accordance to an older overview, dairy’s astringent flavor occurs from three distinctive resources — accidental contamination with substances, heat solutions to destroy unsafe microorganisms, and oxidative or enzymatic reactions throughout storage (12).

As this sort of, uncooked milk may be much less likely to be astringent than pasteurized milk.

Fermented milk solutions, these as kefir and yogurt, may perhaps also have sour or astringent tastes. Scientific scientific tests show that the probiotics in these meals support immune health, bowel perform, and mineral absorption (13, 14).

In Ayurvedic medicine, milk and fermented milk products have prolonged been applied to aid digestion and relieve digestive situations.

Beverages and shakes made with whey protein may be strongly astringent as effectively — because of both to the whey protein alone and the drink’s acidity (15, 16, 17).


Astringent meals and beverages incorporate inexperienced tea, persimmons, broccoli, grapes, and certain dairy solutions.

Ayurveda is a 5,000-yr-outdated regular technique of medicine. Created in India and indicating “long life” or “the science of existence, it is regarded as one particular of the world’s oldest medical devices.

Ayurvedic medicine incorporates different factors of your character, diet, slumber patterns, and exercise to offer a extensive photograph of your health. It makes use of herbs and nutritional supplements, as effectively as workouts like yoga and meditation.

What’s far more, this medicinal process recognizes six tastes — sweet, salty, pungent (or spicy), bitter, astringent, and sour.

Ayurvedic teachings area remarkable therapeutic worth on the style (rasa) of foods, including astringent taste.

Food items are viewed as astringent (kashaya) if they have drying and cooling characteristics. Proponents of Ayurveda assert that astringency is dependent on a food’s potential to dry up bodily fluids and “cool down” internal organs like the lungs, throat, or belly.

This sort of changes may perhaps assist those people experiencing substantial amounts of pitta, or heat, in the entire body (18).

Equally, Ayurvedic practitioners commonly advise astringent food items to individuals encountering nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, acid reflux, or heartburn.

Though astringent meals may well be in particular valuable for some folks, you shouldn’t consume them in surplus, as they may perhaps make an imbalance in the overall body which is too dry, in accordance to Ayurveda.

Nonetheless, there is a lack of scientific evidence that astringent foodstuff, over and above their result on saliva, dry out the system.


Ayurveda teaches that astringent taste in food stuff is helpful for those with high stages of pitta, but it should not be consumed in extra.

Not like other preferences, astringency might not be right related to your taste buds.

Curiously, some proof indicates that you encounter an astringent flavor when your mouth is exposed to astringent molecules — commonly plant compounds like polyphenols, such as tannins — current in fruits, leaves, or bark.

This kind of molecules impair your mouth’s organic lubrication by binding to proteins in your saliva, thereby provoking sensations of dryness and roughness. These alterations in how your mouth feels are essential things of astringency in day-to-day meals and beverages (19, 20).

Apart from tannins, sure metal salts could lead to an astringent flavor, together with copper sulfate and iron chloride. Acids like citric acid or hydrochloric acid may similarly create astringent sensations when they come into get hold of with particular kinds of foodstuff (21).

Ultimately, antimicrobial brokers like copper sulfate and food-fortifying compounds like calcium chloride might end result in an astringent taste (22, 23).


Sensations of dryness and roughness in your mouth may possibly come about when astringent molecules bind to saliva proteins. Compounds in meals, drinks, steel salts, and acids may possibly result in an astringent taste.

The astringent style is a pungent, tingly, and drying feeling that some men and women come across uncomfortable.

The astringency you practical experience when obtaining meals like persimmons or green tea may be because of to plant compounds in these food items that bind with proteins in your saliva. This lessens the all-natural lubrification of your mouth.

Whilst astringent flavor may perhaps not be to everyone’s liking, astringent foods give a terrific way to diversify your palate and experience one of a kind health rewards.