October 19, 2021


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What is Wellness?

We define Wellness as the prevention of illness and disease in order to become more healthier and live longer and happier.

It is the opposite of the healthcare or “sickness” industry in which you, the patient, visit your doctor or hospital once you fall ill in order to learn how to avoid further development and get some drugs prescribed.

The idea of wellness is all about getting your health controlled, watching what you eat, ensuring you do a bit of exercise and overall, just taking good care of yourself.

Follow this simple message, with a few extra things, and you’ll be on the path to preventing any forthcoming disease and become much happier.

Take for instance the power of a genetic testing kit. Once you take a swab of your saliva and test it in the kit, you’d probably be able to tell if you’re going to be susceptible to diseases anytime soon. Then when you know that, you can prepare for it and prevent it by learning how.

I truly believe that genetic testing as a technology, when it becomes widespread will save millions of lives and make people happier.

But why allow yourself to indulge in so much junk food, and then take a test when you could get your health on track from right now?

And that’s what Wellness Junction is all about – taking back control of your health to become more healthier, live longer and much happier.

Stay tuned for daily articles, ideas and tips to help you get on the path to wellness.