April 20, 2021


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What Was She Wearing – Lily Allen

Lily Allen’s been on our radar for yonks, but recently we’ve been impressed anew with...

Lily Allen’s been on our radar for yonks, but recently we’ve been impressed anew with her dress sense. Proof positive was Allen’s lovely look at the recent Concert for Diana—vivid turquoise dress, major Louboutin heels, white Wayfareresque shades that remind of Oakley sunglasses of old, and giant black patent tote—which was understated compared to other performers, yet darling.

So with Lily’s vintage, 50’s-inspired, girly choices in mind, we’ve pulled a few items that we think she’d wear. Our checklist was as follows: old-school shades in new-school brights, graphic heels, a sizable tote, and naturally, a super feminine frock.

1. Saints and Sailors Large Turquoise Retro Sunglasses, $12.99, hottopic.com

The bright color and classic lines of these shades seemed very Lily-like to us.

2. Topshop Animal Print Prom Dress, $90, topshop.com

While Allen debuted her own line at the UK’s New Look this spring (sadly it’s not available in the US, otherwise we’d have shown it here), we think the simple shape and attention-getting print of this dress could have been designed by the singer herself.

3. Metalline Cuff Bracelet, $9.99, urbanoutfitters.com

Since she often pairs sneakers with fancy dresses, we know that Allen appreciates juxtaposition. This angular cuff would ad toughness to her girly ensembles.

4. Gorjana Gold Love Hoops, $115, maxandchloe.com

If you’ve ever paid attention to Allen’s lyrics, you know that the lady’s got a romantic heart hiding under her cynical words. These earrings combine her fondness for hoops and matters of the heart.

5. Christian Louboutin Graffiti Wedged Heel, $920, brownsfashion.com

Allen’s sense of whimsy often comes out in her footwear, which is why we think she’d dig on these tagged wedges. One suggestion: If you’re lucky enough to live by a Loubi store (LA, NYC, Paris) you can find these shoes for less dough that the above price. Right now, the LA store has the pump version of this shoe (also in yellow/black) for $675 or $495 for flats. Yeah, it’s still lots, but a little less is better than nothing.

6. Gilded Convertible Tote, $48, urbanoutfitters.com

As we said above, a big bag is necessary for any ensemble featuring Lily Allen as its muse. While she’s carrying the Chanel Coco Cabas bag in the image, this Urban Outfitter tote satisfies the size issue without denting your savings.