February 21, 2024


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What You Should Know about Family Doctor

7 Reasons Why You Need a Family Doctor - AllCare Medical Centers, P.C.

Imagine reaching home after work and finding your child crying in a critical medical condition. What will be your first point to contact? After the outbreak of Covid-19, most people had emergencies which sometimes led to death due to delayed treatment. To alleviate these cases, most people preferred having a family doctor. Kyle Scarborough MD is a family doctor who has been in service for many years. These are the compelling reasons why you should consider having a family doctor.

Who is a family doctor?

 A family doctor is a specialist who takes care of the whole family. Unlike most doctors who only train in one specialty area of medicine, the family doctors are trained in all areas of medicine. They usually take care of the family members in all stages of life regardless of their sex or age.

Critical duties that Family Doctors Perform

Family doctors have diverse training to care for their patients. The areas the care includes;

·         Infant and elderly care

·         Eye care

·         Joint and Bone Care

·         Emergency medical care

·         Mental and behavioral health care

·         Family planning and Well-woman care

What to consider before choosing a family doctor?

The family doctor usually stays with you for the long run; hence it is crucial to make the best option. The following are the questions you can ask yourself to decide on your family doctor.

·         Was the office easily accessible?

·         Was I comfortable talking with the doctor?

·         Did the doctor address all the issues that I raised?

·         Did the doctor have the interest to know me more?

·         Did the doctor have patience?

Questions to ask the family doctor

These are the most common questions that individuals ask a family doctor

·         Can you deliver a baby?

·         Can you attend to my baby instead of a pediatrician?

·         Will you treat my current health condition, or will I need to visit a specialist?

Reasons why you need a family doctor

If you need compelling reasons to have a medical doctor, these are the most convincing ones.

They know your lifestyle better.

 One of the best benefits of having a family doctor is that they are informed about your life cycle. Most families had had their doctors when they were kids. The doctors, therefore, understand their medical condition since they have their medical history.

They connect you to specialists.

Even though the family doctors have the training to perform almost everything, there are times when you could require a specialist to solve your specific condition. For example, if you have an eye condition such as glaucoma, the condition is severe and requires an eye specialist. Since the family doctors have huge networks, they can connect you to a specialist in a reputable eye clinic.

They are cheaper in the long run.

 Most individuals who do not have a family doctor go to the emergency room in case of an emergency. However, the treatment is quite expensive. Besides, the family doctor helps to save money since it checks and prevents serious issues from happening, saving the cost which could have been incurred.

It is a dream of every individual to live healthily. However, some people are not ready to incur the cost of maintaining this lifestyle. For example, most people fail to have regular check-ups and visit the healthcare facility when their condition has worsened. Family Life Medical has   Family doctors who can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is not late yet to book your appointment and start living a healthy lifestyle.