September 27, 2023


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What You Should Know as You Consider Dentures

Dentures 101: Everything You Need To Know : Dr. Raminder Singh: General  Dentistry

Dentures can be a good teeth replacement option when you have lost all your teeth. The best type from experienced specialists should be as natural as possible. That is why you need experienced dentures Waterford specialists who can create extremely realistic dentures for you using the latest dental technology. But several myths and misconceptions surround dental appliances, and it is essential to learn the truth about them. Below are some crucial dentures facts you should know when considering the treatment.

It Takes Time to Adapt

Dentures will impact your transition from natural teeth to appliances. But this depends on whether you are getting a full set of dentures for only a few teeth. But remember that every patient’s experience is unique, and wearing dentures can completely be straightforward. For full dentures, note that any remaining teeth will have to be removed, which can cause your gums to be tender. You will first receive interim dentures as your permanent set is being customized, and you should not get much worried when the interim ones do not feel right. Your gums will settle down over time, and your mouth will get used to wearing the appliances.

Singing Might Help

If you wear dentures for the first time, it is normal to experience challenges pronouncing some words or syllables. But you will read correctly only, not as usual as you adapt to navigate your new teeth. However, singing has played a great role in improving speech after you begin wearing dentures. Singing helps keep your mouth open, projecting your beautiful voice, and can help your dentures feel natural more quickly.

Be Easy on Some Food

Your choice of food will matter when you get dentures. Remember that getting dentures involves some dental work that can tender your gums. Therefore, you ought to go easy on the food you eat. Begin with foods that you can chew easily with less friction in your mouth. Also, avoid foods requiring much chewing and skip chewing gum for a while. This will be easier for your gums, easing your transition.

Dentures Cannot Feel Temperature.

This is an important factor since too hot liquids can damage your appliances. Your natural teeth have a soft center with nerves that detect how hot or cold foods and beverages you take are. That is why the teeth become sensitive when you decay and take too hot or cold foods or drinks. But dentures do not have this property. Therefore, it will be hard to know if the foods are extremely hot or cold for them. You can always check the temperature before eating the food as you get used to the dentures.

Care is Essential

Your new teeth require care and cleaning, just like your natural teeth. It would help if you cleaned your dentures regularly in a special way as your dentist shall direct you to eliminate debris and bacteria. Cleaning will help the dentures remain in good condition and is important for your gum health.

If you are looking to get dentures as your new set of teeth after losing natural teeth, reach out to Dr. Taylor’s Family Dental Center for help. You can visit the office, call, or schedule your appointment online.