April 10, 2021


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Who Invented Swim Fins?

Swim Fins are essential components for bodyboarders and swimmers. It helps them gain extra power performance, high throttle speed, ankle moving flexibility and better body arrangements in the water. It serves you more fun in swimming. This is an incredible invention for the swimmers. A person has wondered that who invented fins and how the idea of swim fin reviews or flippers came into mind. Its answer also may shock you if you are thinking that this is a latest creation.

Fins were designed in the 18th century by the man who is involved in various things in American History, but he didn’t get credit for that. He was Leonardo da Vinci. Benjamin Franklin got the credit for invention of first swim fin.

The first set of swimming fins by Benjamin Franklin made from wood. When he was 12, he thought for something that would help him to swim fast. As amphibians were excellent swimmers, he first studied on Frogs. And he recognized that their webbed feet are making them speedy. And he designed wooden flippers. These first flippers were oval shaped hand flippers. There was a hole on flippers for a thumb to grip them gently. Though, wooden flippers were not handy to use. But he set the way for others to think on it. Later on Owen Churchill and Frenchman Louis de Corlieu ultimately made changes to the basic swim fins.

In the year 1935 Louis de Corlieu improved the structure of earlier wooden flippers. This was foot fins made using metal band and rubber. The shape of foot fins was looks like a fish tail. In 1940 Churchill made further changes in shape and used vulcanized rubber instead of hard rubber. He was a crew member of the gold medal winner American Boat “Angelita”. He patented his new design. The United States Navy noticed these swim fins and they approved them for their Under Water Demolition Team. Peter Ueberroth recently The Chairman of United States Chairman Committee was specially recognized Churchill for his life long contribution in promoting Sailing.

With the flow of time many changes and improvements applied in the swim fins. Many companies came into the business of fins, many researches held on that to improve their quality, ease of use, comfortability, strength, style, design. For better comfort feeling super soft silicon is used to cover footsteps instead of rubber. Significant changes made in blade quality and size to get powerful throttle. Like firm rubber used for sharp edges. Variety of designs structured.

Today various fins are available to us with different functionality depend on their different style and size. Small size fins are generally used by new swimmers or child. It gives them additional kick speed without much workout. Large size swim fins are used by swimmers to get high performance on wave swells. Speedo Swim Fins with the co-operation of NASA and great swimmers designed the fastest swim suits over the world. Michael Phelps and Natalie Coughlin made 23 world records in the Beijing Olympics wearing Speedo Fastskin LZR Racer.