June 16, 2024


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Why can’t car accident attorneys help in a truck accident?

Truck Accident Lawyer Helps in a T-Bone Accident | Abels & Annes, P.C.

A truck accident is of a much more severe scale and more dangerous than a car accident. Car accident lawyers often deal with damage and compensations on a lighter scale. But a truck accident is much more legally complicated and financially damaging. The consequences of an accident involving a truck are always devastating and can have a worse turn for your finances. Not hiring an experienced lawyer in such a situation can make you struggle in managing funds and legal matters after a truck accident. Car accidents are not uncommon, but an accident involving a huge vehicle can be devastating, and hiring lawyers like the Philadelphia truck accident attorney can help you deal with the cases.

1. Huge commercial vehicles can weigh as much as 50 tons. An accident can damage roads and devastating damage to any other small vehicles involved. A car accident case generally can be solved by general paperwork and insurance. Still, a truck accident can be much more dangerous to not only the vehicle but every other damage the accident incurred. 

2.  Suppose a truck driver is liable for breaking any traffic rules during the accident, damaging another party’s property, or involving another party’s death. In that case, the truck driver will be liable for millions of dollars of compensation and legal fees.

3. If goods were being carried by truck, the truck driver can be legally sued as liable for the damage of the goods and will have to pay a huge compensation.

4. Not only the truck driver, but in any case, the trucking company or the owner, and the truck manufacturer often are responsible for damages in the truck that might cause the accident.

5. The amount of compensation and legal complication a truck driver faces is enormous compared to a car driver in a car accident. Car accident lawyers can deal with cases regarding a small number of compensations. Still, a truck accident lawyer is generally skilled and expert in fields regarding huge damages and compensations.


Suppose you haven’t experienced a truck accident with an attorney by your side. In that case, you might face huge legal restrictions and have to pay huge expenses regarding the large-scale damage. A truck accident is not one to deal with without an expert advisor because the damages may be huge to one’s property, and you may end up in a complicated legal situation.